Update #2: Update: Hate is very alive in Normal!

I attended this event – Nick Adams has an amazing love for America AND Americans.  He has a non-profit call FLAG.  From their website:  http://www.flagusa.org/

Its principal purpose is to educationally proclaim the greatness of America, and ensure that the next generation of American leaders understands what it means to be an American.

Several members of Black Lives Matter attended, but didn’t disrupt the event.  Nick will be speaking again at the GOP picnic Sunday.


I emailed ISU for a comment – see the end of this story.  It didn’t come from a Administration, it also states the expected.

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story from yesterday:  https://blnnews.com/2017/08/24/isu-allow-hate-speech-on-campus/

Nick Adams will be speaking tonight on campus.  He is an Australian who dreamed of being an American because of what America stands for.  America pierced the world’s darkness and government oppression.  America told people they were designed “by their Creator” and given rights government can’t take away.  People around the world flocked here for freedom, liberty, and opportunity their country wouldn’t give them.  America changed the world.

Our schools have “forgotten” to teach America proved that free people create prosperity.  Millions around the world have been pulled from poverty because of America.

Is ISU teaching their kids lies and hate?  These pictures were taken at Schroeder Hall LAST NIGHT:

Both flyers were on bulletin boards along with other announcements and flyers.

We could just assume the person(s) who did this have a mental disease.

We could ignore the comparison of a freedom loving Ausi to Nazis responsible for the deaths of millions.

But think back to last Monday when the Town of Normal City Manager called everybody and churches racist: https://blnnews.com/2017/08/23/we-are-all-racist/

But that’s still not all.

The Town of Normal owns the Normal Theater.  That means the TAXPAYERS of Normal own the Normal Theater.  They should demand an upcoming movie NOT be shown in their building:

See the description of the movie below.

This movie will further the lies told that started Black Lives Matters and the resulting shootings of police officers across the country. The Normal Police must be appalled their employer is promoting violence against them by screening this untruthful movie.




Would Normal’s Police be unable to stop the violence we saw night after night in Ferguson?  Why couldn’t their police stop it?  Were they told NOT to stop it?


Hands Up Don’t Shoot never happened. The officer who shot Michael Brown was cleared of all charges – even by Obama’s Justice Department.  Violence in Ferguson was largely committed by people bused in to create it.  Mike Brown wasn’t ‘killed” and his civil rights weren’t violated. He is dead because of HIS actions, not race, prejudice, or rights violations.

The only reason to show this movie is to keep racial strife alive.

ISU is doing nothing to stop if, the Normal City Manager thinks citizens are racists, and the Town is promoting lies.

Yes, there is good reason not to go to Normal.

Not In Our Town is of course MIA.






14 thoughts on “Update #2: Update: Hate is very alive in Normal!

  1. Oh that is so rich. Complain about flyers for a speaker being taken down, defaced and then complain about another group expressing their First Amendment rights. What’s more is you say Nick Adams should be able to speak (which I agree with) but then go on to criticize a documentary you haven’t even seen, Mike Brown was killed. It wasn’t merely his killing–justified or not–that caused the situation in Ferguson. It was years of pent up resentment between the community and the Ferguson police force. It exploded because people didn’t talk or listen. That is what we are seeing now in this country and it is not because people are evil but because they only want to see their side of things and not be willing to apply those same beliefs when it runs contradictory to your prejudices.

    Your problem, as I see it as well as lot of people and myself, is you get very uncomfortable when you have to look in the mirror and admit things about you that are wrong. That is the human condition in that we don’t want to admit our less than savory traits. So we equivocate and engineer an alternative version to make ourselves feel acceptable but in reality we are being deceitful hypocrites. Sorry. You can’t speak truth to only Nick Adams and not a documentary you haven’t seen.

    I have watched documentaries on people I hated like Che Guevara and Malcolm X. I came away with greater appreciation of the people they were trying to help, not necessary “they” themselves. Their movements became about power and exclusion. Equality and dignity morphed into exclusion and assimilation. They became what they fought against.

    You are continually being hypocritical. I pray God will see you toward the right path and consistently applying your values–not to only with what you are comfortable with.

    1. You completely destroyed your case with “…when it runs contradictory to your prejudices.”
      Attempting to be analytical and then you throw in the subjective prejudices of your own.
      Then your comment, “I have watched documentaries on people I hated like Che Guevara and Malcolm X.” Of which I note how strong the word “hate” really is. Personally my whole life I’ve never hated anyone, zilch, none. Might have had a strong dislike for them but I don’t hate as that is how I was raised. And again to note that someone is “continually hypocritical” is IMHO is continually idiotic on your part. Do you get a free lunch on the mayor’s Pcard for trolling? Outside of that your post certainly isn’t worth an hourly wage.

      1. Racism–noun:
        prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
        synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism

        One could say, claiming all whites are Nazis and White Supremacists fits this definition if it is espoused by a race other than white. Claiming special treatment under the law would be based on the belief that one’s own race superior.

        This is a politically incorrect argument but racism exists in many forms including chauvinism.

  2. This movie is just one more dose of liberal propaganda when it comes to the subject matter that we Normal taxpayers are forced to pay for by the leftists at the “Friends of the Normal Theatre” who control the agenda at the “hysterical” Normal Theatre.

  3. First – the usual drivel letter from ISU, written by some toady, with the folksy greeting and all just dripping with the usual rote phrases, but actually saying and accomplishing NOTHING – not even REALLY addressing the problem. I’m not even going to elaborate, most people here don’t need an explanation and those who do wouldn’t be able to grasp it anyway – those people are too far gone, not even gonna try – Now on to the “Mike Brown” thing – Mike Brown was a thug, a wanna be gangster, end of, his unavoidable death was not the fault of the Ferguson Police, but rather the cumulative outcome of his behaviors not just THAT particular night but for several years – do some research – NOT from any source like Occupy Democrats or any supported by Media Matters or the like either. If you are not FULLY aware of the term “Open Society” as in the way Soros uses the term I suggest you learn about it – again, no going to any Media Matters or similar sites for your “learnin’ ” As to Che Guevara… he wasn’t trying to “help” anyone but Che Guevara, he was a racist and a homophobic to the nth degree his intention was exploitation, plain and simple – get some more “learnin’ ” about that psychopathic monster. Malcolm X I’ll give the poster who mentioned him a break he did have some good intentions, albeit they had been stained with some pretty wrong headed beliefs he absorbed along the way but later at least regretted.
    The defacing of posters and monuments, the toppling of statues, the violent “front lines”, the masks, the calls for death of police etc are all hallmarks of fascism and violent socialism – they are also tactics of ISIS and the Taliban – as well as the suppression of free speech – think carefully as to which “clan” you want to align yourself with, think VERY carefully
    Sorry for the long post, but I am so tired of misinformed and ill-informed people who think they hold some intellectually and morally superior higher ground – they don’t.

  4. Amazing. A real Nazi collaborator George Soros funds all the groups who call everyone NAZIS.

      1. Predictable responses. You are all very skilled at inferring things that were never stated in my post: Didn’t address Black Lives Matter, didn’t praise Che Guevara or Malcolm X–somehow one commenter thought I was calling them hateful when I was calling myself hateful. Never addressed ISIS, Taliban or Confederate monuments. Although I do find it curious that you all contend that BLM was based on a lie but accept the Lost Cause revisionism that gave the South a warm fuzzy for losing a war and wanting to keep slavery alive. Oh and BLM didn’t disrupt Nick Adams. Yeah, they must be based on a lie.

        My God be with you.

  5. I’m so saddened by all of this. The speaker at ISU, the vandalizing of the fliers, this article, and ISU’s response (which was an appropiate response for a business as much as I hate to say that). We spend so much time finding our differences and being divisive. What we need to do, and by we I mean all American citizens and not politicians, is find a way to bring different people together to find common ground. There are NO winners right now. We can do better…all of us. Racism is real. I see it and it frightens me. It also frightens me when people are yelling “F the Police” because police are people with families and most are just tying to do their jobs. Politicians divide us and that keeps us distracted from what they are doing. My best and only current plan of action is to love every person I encounter and to treat every individual with the dignity that comes from being a child of God…regardless of their belief…because my faith dictates that I love everyone.

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