ISU: Allow HATE speech on campus?

By:  Diane Benjamin

A conservative speaker was invited to speak at Illinois State University by the College Republicans.  Yesterday I heard EVERY flyer they posted around campus has been defaced, destroyed, or removed.

President Dietz:

Is ISU now Berkley Ca?

Is Antifa going to protest American values?

Are your campus snowflakes embarrassed by their country?

Where did the HATE come from?  Somebody taught your mush-heads that America is racist and homophobic and must be destroyed!

Is that what ISU teaches President Dietz?  Is that why you get the huge salary – for bringing down America?

It’s time to prove you deserve that recent increase.

If free speech still exists on campus, YOU need to inform students they are practicing HATE speech.

Everybody can use a refresher course on being an American.

You need to attend Mr. Dietz.

Maybe you can designate a safe space across campus for those hating-America kids indoctrinated by your propaganda pushers.

Thanks to institutions like ISU, we are witnessing what President Abraham Lincoln predicted:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

I am embarrassed by my alma mater.




27 thoughts on “ISU: Allow HATE speech on campus?

  1. Wow. Will ‘Not in Our Town’ continue to accept hatred and bullying of people with diverse views? The answer is yes. NIOT has lost all moral authority to carry out their mission statement

    1. Especially when “Ignore the will of the voters to shove money into my union members pockets, Tax Hike Mike Matejka is running the show

  2. Please remember this reprehensible, unAmerican behavior before you write a contribution to ISU. Also remember they used YOUR money to bring Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton to campus a few years back.

  3. We sadly expect this behavior from the eastern “Left” schools and the western “Left” schools but it’s so disheartening that the heartland has been corrupted and is now intolerant, too. Apparently, ISU only wants to hear anti-American propaganda.
    I feel sorry for the students who don’t get a good education and the parents who PAY for this ignorance.

  4. Really, EVERY flyer? I just walked through my building and the four I saw have not been defaced in any way…

  5. Chances are the non defaced flyers were either simply missed by the eager little defacers or are new ones. Fact is, the “mood” at ISU has been getting progressively (pun intended) more ridiculously “PC” and pathetic, and, as it becomes more and more like a southern suburb of Chicago it will get worse. I honestly feel sorry for conservative kids from small towns who have to go there these days. Even when I was there YEARS ago (1974-1976) and was a dumb as Dirt straight D voting misinformed idiot, it was already starting – even though I was a pretty firm Democrat, it was more in the line of the 60s-70s democrats, NOT this “new breed”. When I returned for another degree in 2001-2002 (still doggedly voting straight D like the little dummy I was, but thought I was quite clever) it had gotten much worse – I can hardly even imagine how bad it is now, actually, I can pretty much suss it out simply from driving through there, as I have to do at least 2-3 times a week. Friday at 6:00 in 138 Schroeder, hmmm, I just might have to show up.

  6. Defacing the flyer is nothing more that childish behavior. It is another example of virtue-signaling. It was probably done by someone surrounded by friends to make an anonymous political statement to receive validation by their associates. I’m not impressed. What I have experienced is that conservative families teach their children respect for others and their property. Not so much from those who receive awards for participation.

  7. Tha next time you receive a phone call or mailing to donate to ISU, tell them No and tell them why. As long as Dietz pushes this progressive ideology at ISU, they do not deserve another dollar from hard working people. In addition, contact them directly over at Alumni Services and tell them they will no longer be receiving your support. Hit them in the pocketbook.

  8. MAYBE it’s SOMETHING that Portillos puts in those hot dawns? How about some saltpeter for all those “hard liners”?? That’ll “soften” em up!

  9. Dietz is a perfect example of what happens when you choose a “Vice President for Student Affairs”, rather than a SCHOLAR, as a University President. Totally Lightweight–and a mush brained Leftist, to boot!

  10. It is interesting that their is a speaker that talks about political correctness being a threat. And I would say, yes. We need administrators who are critically aware of the issues that concern the entire community. However, the issue that I see with this speaker and the organizers of this even is that there is not a promotion of civil discourse, but another opportunity to rally for a sum-zero ideology that teaches that says, that in order for one group of people to be free than the others must be oppressed and be ok with it.

    I would encourage Dr. Dietz to skip this talk. He doesn’t need to be a part of a rally that is simply a talk for the College Republicans. Why would he need to go? For what purpose? To justify or sanction a particular speaker? To say that he supports a particular type of speech? To say that he supports divisive speech that does nothing to uplift the university that he has been hired to serve. I am not a supporter of Dr. Dietz, but I think that is disingenuous to have him to come out for this type of speech.

    I question is the coordinators, sponsors, and organizers of this talk even know what “political correctness” means or the what it is that they are supporting? Or are they simply holding on to sound bits that sound good? Look at the definition of political correctness then critically assess how the type of discourse effects other PC on historically marginalized people who are also represented by President Dr. Dietz. He no only represents one segment of ISU’s campus, he represents or should represents the whole campus.

    po·lit·i·cal cor·rect·ness (pəˈlidəkəl kəˈrek(t)nəs/) noun
    the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

    What does that mean? Thinking critically about the definition. If PC means being considerate of others, if it means that you consider how your language, actions, and policies may have an effect on other people, then I would hope that the university would stand on the side of pushing back against speech that propitiates hate and divisiveness.

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