John Butler back at GMA?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Former Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) head, John Butler, might be back at the former Coliseum with the Bloomington Thunder hockey team.

Even though the State Police investigation hasn’t wrapped up yet (as far as we know), an investor in the Thunder has purchased a majority interest in the Peoria Rivermen where John Butler and his Coliseum sidekick – Bart Rogers – are part owners:

The new owner is Canadian.  The article states “Butler will be a CSH (Consolidated Sports Holdings) consultant, advising some of Yuill’s other teams”.

Does that mean Butler will represent ownership interests in not only Peoria, but Bloomington?

Will the City of Bloomington welcome Butler back to the arena?  They loved him until I filed a lawsuit against the Coliseum!  Maybe Hales or Renner can buy lunch.










7 thoughts on “John Butler back at GMA?

  1. His return would actually be a huge improvement over Lynn Cannon of VenuWorks, who is a complete disaster. I think that is undeniable at this point. The Arena is run by the most incompetent management company in the USA. Whatever Butler may have skimmed is pennies on the dollar compared to how much is currently being lost, and at least he brought in shows- something, anything.


  2. The MARKORENA is gonna BE a WHITE money sucking vortex UNTIL, they implode it to the ground and dump salt on the site so NOTHING will EVER grow there AGAIN!! Just like the Romans did to Carthage!
    About then we can have the Renner Rest a Bit Resort built !


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