Inside 1 Uptown Circle

By: Diane Benjamin

I guess the building owner’s mommy never yelled at him to turn off the lights. The pictures below are inside the still empty first floor of 1 Uptown Circle – one of Mayor Koos’ success stories filing a hole in Uptown:

Yes the lights were on yesterday, but don’t worry – the building is LEED certified:

The second floor is rented by the Town of Normal for around $36000 a month. If you really want to open a business in this space, you first have to get the Mayor’s approval. Empty is always better than one the isn’t the “right fit”. Since the owner of 1 Uptown Circle hasn’t collected any rent since the building was built, maybe he will make a deal:

Don’t forget that some enterprising entrepreneur didn’t build the building after careful market analysis. It was a Koos buddy and Koos shoveled millions of dollars to him to get it built.

Government must be limited because spending other people’s money means bad decisions. Never forget it is YOUR money being spent. 1 Uptown Circle is a glaring example of government incompetence.

I’ve got a suggested use:

A cannabis dispensary seems like a perfect fit! Normal could make a fortune off the ISU kids. Since parking is a problem, it’s the perfect business for the site since they can walk!

The space is even big enough for a partaker’s lounge. Koos can get his upscale food establishment too because munchies will be needed! Normal could get not only Pot taxes but Food and Beverage too!








7 thoughts on “Inside 1 Uptown Circle

  1. Koos is keeping the space vacant to ensure this part of the Uptown Farr Doctrine is fulfilled.

    “ Relocate Existing Retailers
    Some exceptional local retailers that are currently in Normal would be an asset to downtown and should be induced to relocate. Vitesse is an example of a great retailer in a less-than-great location. It would benefit the store and downtown if it were moved to a located in a new building on Constitution Trail.”

  2. Hi Diane. Is there any data showing a slow down in tickets issued in Normal or Bloomington? I haven’t seen a radar in use in a long time. Gerry Taylor

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  3. Rember when Normal paid for the high-dollar energy audit for the Discover Museum only to be told to shut the lights off at night and stop propping the doors open during the day? Some people never learn.

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