Crabill is the Eastgate hero? Not so fast

By: Diane Benjamin

Maybe Jeff Crabill is trying to redeem himself by helping the Eastgate neighborhood after the June floods. It should have started earlier, like March of 2020. He voted against the same people!

This was on the March 26, 2020 agenda:

Fixing the sewer system can’t be done without engineering!

Jump to the minutes:

Julie Emig, Jenn Carrillo, and Jeff Crabill tried to table the vote – they lost. PDF page 5.

Now look at the vote on PDF page 6. If Crabill had his way the problem would never be fixed:

Who you vote for matters, not voting in local elections matters even more.

5 thoughts on “Crabill is the Eastgate hero? Not so fast

  1. Craybill has been supporting every foolish spending project proposed , while denying core public services since he was first elected. Public Safety and core infrastructure such as sewer and water are primary municipal services and responsibilities.

  2. Was wondering when this was going to re- surface. Jenn was against it as well.

    Jeff Crabill is why those basements flooded in Eastgate.

  3. Thankfully, the Consent Agenda item to fund combined sewer remediation passed despite Crabill’s & Carrillo’s efforts. Crabill is now actively soliciting residents in Eastgate to sue the City. He should be held personally responsible…how about a lawsuit against him?

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