Bloomington last night, comments to see

By: Diane Benjamin

Both Bloomington and Normal will be honoring Gold Star Families with banners along Main Street from Memorial Day through Veterans Day. This link has information about honoring your loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom:

See 5:50 on the video below for more details and the proclamation at the Council meeting. Worth watching.

Comments to see: 42:09 Sheila Montney on why she voted against the budget. Next Jeff Crabill followed at 44:50. Watch both to see the difference between a representative of the people and a progressive. There is a stark contrast. Crabill trumps accelerating Locust-Colton as a success in the budget, he must have forgotten he voted against it in 2020:

Donna Boelen was named Mayor Pro Tem to replace Jamie Mathy who resigned.

One more comment to see: 1:4:07 Sheila Montney talks about reducing taxes because Bloomington has new revenue sources, has no shortage of money, and the Sales Tax increase was passed as needed for the “structural deficit” that no longer exists.

The meeting was slightly over an hour, most wasn’t conducting business. Don’t expect a big improvement in roads, funding for them was short-changed again. Nick Becker was absent, with the Ward 1 vacancy the budget vote was 6-1. Reserves of $32 million are still predicted, twice what the City used to have.

3 thoughts on “Bloomington last night, comments to see

  1. So disappointing that citizens don’t pay attention to the budgeting process. Thanks for trying to help.

  2. Bloomington had record breaking revenues last year. Residents are struggle with skyrocketing inflation. What do our so called “representatives” do? Jack up property taxes to hike their spending spree.

    I want to vomit when I hear politicians say they will fight for the people or care about high taxes.

  3. I love the banners for honoring Gold Star Families.
    At $170 each?
    You all know that for do many other groups it would probably be free. Normal and Bloomington waste, give-away, & mis-spend, obscene amounts of cash on projects and people who don’t deserve it. Here they could have donated the money to this cause.

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