Big Big Big!

April 12th is the 10th anniversary of BlnNews.

Seriously, 10 years of writing!

I only started writing because local media was already failing 10 years ago.

If local politics can’t be fixed, nothing can be fixed. That’s why MOST of what I write is about local issues.

I don’t expect people to agree with me, I expect you to think. Voting in national elections is ridiculous if you sit out local elections. Where do you think professional politicians start out? LOCAL!

One more thing I wish more people believed: Government isn’t here to help you. They have an agenda for your money that doesn’t include what you think. (how are the roads?) Do I need to give you a local list of fleeces? Government at all levels must be limited!

I was going to link the top read story for each year, but many brought back memories and people I’d like to forget. Besides, some of the stories I consider high priority aren’t the most read!

As long as readers want to read I will continue writing. Share the stories you think people need to see. It would be nice to feel appreciated though:



19 thoughts on “Big Big Big!

  1. Diane, I sincerely appreciate all the time and work that go into your communication with all of us. I am always amazed by the way you keep up with all the craziness around here. Thank you for your passion for our community!


  2. Congratulations! Although I no longer live in Blo-No I still enjoy your dedication to a good cause of presenting the truth. Best wishes for continued success.


  3. Congratulations! I follow BLNNews and am astounded by two things.

    1. The complete apathy of taxpayers to change things via the ballot box,
    2. The theft, malfeasance, and corruption by politicians, especially the locals.

    Please continue your work. It is very much appreciated.

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  4. Congratulations, 10 years wow. While you and I know we haven’t always agreed on some issues, I respect your hard work over these 10 years, and the opinions and insight you bring to the public. Keep up the good fight. You do it for all the right reasons.

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  5. Congratulations on 10 years of reporting! As a resident of Normal, I really appreciated when you started including regular stories on the Town. Thanks for all the hard work – you are appreciated!


  6. Diane, congratulations on your ten years of tirelessly providing us with honest news of what is going on in our community.


  7. Let’s see COV-19 misinformation, vaccination misinformation and disinformation. Shamefully posted a video of a child who was coached by a father and videotaped by a grandmother in an attempt to alienate a child. This included a father who kidnapped his son to another state with bogus claims of child abuse. Spent six months in jail for repeatedly failing to bring back his son for court. Your lack of ethics and morals was despicable in that case.. Sorry you’re a busybody who has nothing in your life. You don’t even live in Normal or Bloomington. You live in Ellsworth.


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