Jenn recruited Decatur radicals

By:  Diane Benjamin

The radical leftists are running rampant again just like they did in the 60’s.  They weren’t stopped then until they showed their violent side, expect the rabble-rousing to accelerate in the future.

The Decatur City Council  voted to not allow a cannabis dispensary.  A group called the Decatur Dispensary Project is collecting signatures on petitions demanding the issue be put on a ballot so citizens can decide.

Jenn Carrillo hooked up with this group – see this Facebook post:

decatur disp

Was the Planning Commission swayed by emails from people who don’t live here?  

Only 716 people in Ward 6 bothered to vote:

jenn election

It get worse when you look at the vote by precinct.  Ward 6 is made up of FIVE.  From


Less than 15% of eligible voters bothered to vote.

Because Jenn got a whooping 379 votes, she doesn’t care what anyone in her Ward thinks except those 379 people.  From Facebook:


Anyone in Ward 6

who is not a radical leftist

now has no representation.

You did it to yourselves.

12 thoughts on “Jenn recruited Decatur radicals

  1. I am in ward 6 , did vote , and voted for Karen and was up at Parkview inn with her supporters when she was told she lost . It was sad ,, and that’s how it goes . People do need to get educated on stuff happening in and around the community , as it effects a lot of not just life but choices in life and much more like laws , taxes , and the direction it reaches for . But i do know several came by canvassing for Jenn , and I had a sign dropped off from Karen showing support for her .But no real canvassing . This is how a small margin happened . many felt another shoe in i bet . I think Jenn isn’t evil as many would cry , but she has a bit of a set agenda as well . Everyone has an opinion and if you feel yours is better , back those who represent such . otherwise , the chips are on the table and you deal with it .

  2. At least she has a somewhat realistic assessment of how (in)appropriate it is for her to be a council member: “people in my ward knew exactly who I was and decided to elect me anyway”

  3. Here Fate itself seems desirous of giving us a sign. By handing Russia to Bolshevism, it robbed the Russian nation of that intelligentsia which previously brought about and guaranteed its existence as a state. – Mein Kampf

    We were warned of radical communism by superior minds. We didn’t take their advice. Ward 6 is lost to the red curtain. Fight back citizens!

  4. Everyone with common sense knows that Carrillo is a bag of assorted nuts. However, she will be the least of this community’s problem if qualified candidates and common sense voters do not come to the fore. With the help of organized labor leadership, college and university academic staff and two radical mayors, the entire county is now at a political tipping point. Qualified candidates and common sense voters need to come to the forefront. The radical left is making a full frontal assault to take over local governments at all levels. Personal agendas are the only thing these candidates care about. A great majority are not even from the area and have no appreciation for what BN and McLean County once were. Like Carrillo, most are of sick minds and mentally immature having zero understanding of what is important. It’s like high school student council candidates running on getting another soda machine in the hallway or pizza everyday in the cafeteria.

  5. Jenn’s call for help on the Decatur Facebook page continues beyond the above screenshot:

    “Their tactic?

    “ICYMI: At yesterday’s council meeting, they mobilized a handful of attorneys to continue the fear-mongering and urging of the council to opt-out or “slow down”.

    Then, the lead opposing voice on council proposed inviting many many “experts” to what sounded like MANY MANY future council meetings before we make a public decision on this issue.

    These obstructionists know that a majority of the public favors cannabis reform. They know they cannot win. So what they are trying to do now is use indefinite delay into 2020 as a de-facto opt-out.

    This will effectively leave Bloomington out of the cannabis business (as licenses are given to other communities) and hang social equity applicants out to dry.

    Don’t let them get away with it.

    Show up.
    Speak out.
    Stand up.

    Fight back.”

    Jenn’s battle cry: “When we fight we win.”
    Who is fearmongering??? Who doesn’t understand the law and process? Oh, the Ward 6 Alderman.

  6. The deep state is alive and well at the local level, township level, county level, state level and federal level. The growth of the unelected bureaucracy has grown exponentially over the years. Injunction with that, small voter turnout, and lack of information in local media, we have been infiltrated by the Progressive Marxist Democrats. Since Mayor Karraker “resigned” Normal has slowly been fundamentally transformed. The elections ahead of us are critical.

  7. Jenn is a community organizer through and through. This is all about ideology and nothing about the community she claims to serve. Ask yourself why a City Council member would openly invite a group from a different city (45 miles away) to come to a planning meeting while launching ad hominem attacks at fellow City Council members. Asking questions, challenging assumptions, and talking out concerns about the impact to one’s community is not obstructionist behavior, it’s what civilized decision-makers do. Jenn comes from the school of organizing crowds, gathering signatures, and pushing against the checks and balances of government. This stunt with the Decatur crowd is going to backfire on Jenn, as the meeting will be recast from a professional discussion about the pros and cons of cannabis consumption in certain community locations to us versus them (Bloomington making decisions for itself vs. a mob of out of town ideologues pressuring the community to think and acts as they want.)

      1. The money in the licensed cannabis business and tax money in canna is not as much as people think it is. Prepared to be underwhelmed.

  8. YEP! Just look at WHAt it’s done for CA or CO! And look at the + vs – factors, and it’s a NO WIN.
    Yet they want to out law vaping. WTH??

  9. Apathy got you Jenn. Maybe residents of Ward 6 have learned a hard lesson. Get out and vote. In the meantime, NO ONE living outside Bloomington should have a voice in the community affairs. It is totally unconscionable of a council member to canvas a city 45 miles away and encourage those residents to attend OUR council meetings in an effort to impact Bloomington’s government. This tells me Jenn Is afraid she will be on the losing side of Bloomington’s cannabis decision and wants to pad the discussions in her favor.

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