Marijuana isn’t addictive? Really?

NBC News:

If cannabis isn’t addictive, why are drugs being developed to cure it?

5 thoughts on “Marijuana isn’t addictive? Really?

  1. The council don’t care. I’m not sure of their exact priorities – increased tax revenues is obvious but might be as low as #4, depending. But it does rank up with helping their friends, hurting their opponents, and holding on to power. On the plus side, I’m pretty sure the well being of the townspeople and the taxpayers are priorities #5 and 6 rather than even further down the list…

  2. I’ve know my fair share of smokers that when they decided to quit, they just quit. No withdrawals, no patches, no problem. They just quit. Believe it or not, makes no difference to me. And drug companies make drugs all the time just to make money and many times have side effects that are worse that the original symptom.

  3. I’m addicted to sugar. It is a huge contributor to being overweight and causes me some mood swings. I’m up then come crashing down. It causes inflamation. My addiction to processed sugar is worse than smoking weed ever was. I quit smoking weed years ago. I still can’t stop consuming sugar. We should not allow gas stations to sell junk food. What do you see in a typical gas station? Junk food! Everytime I buy gas, I get a Ho Ho or a cherry pie. Sometimes both. I can’t wait to get into the car, remove the wrapper and get my sugar fix while driving down the road. Grocery stores dedicate entire isles to the stuff. So much food is loaded with it. There’s no escape. It’s everywhere and children suffer from it too. Look at all the little fatties out there. It’s advertised on TV and thrown out at parades. Obesity is a killer. Where is the outrage about sugar?

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