Inflation: The Visual

I bought both of this “waterpik” type teeth cleaners two years apart. I paid $39.99 for both.

I’ve had a waterpik, these are better – but there is a problem. The new one is on the left. It is much smaller than the one on the right. This is how much water each holds:

That is 50% less for the same price. This is what inflation looks like!

Remember your wallet when you vote this year, inflation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s intentional.

3 thoughts on “Inflation: The Visual

    1. Buy a loaf of Sara Lee bread. They are still using the same bags, but you only get it 75% full, there is a noticeable difference past where the twist tie is. Also, the slices are shorter but twice as thick as before, so you have a sandwich that is all bread. Forces you to buy it more often. Diane is right, its intentional.

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