Election 2012 – No brainer!

Facts alone are enough to decide the election.  The polls are meaningless, the American people aren’t stupid enough to fall for them.

Gas Prices:  1.84 when Obama took office – hovering around twice that now.  Fill up once a week?  That’s is at least $40 a week x 52 – $2,080 per year – more than 1 car?   $4,160 per year minimum, yet we aren’t allowed to drill in our own country and the Canadian pipeline was blocked.

Debt: $10,700,000,000,000 when Obama took Office – now $16,000,000,000,000.  Our future is being destroyed not just by the debt but by the Federal Reserve money printing to devalue to dollar.

Unemployment:  We have the highest levels of sustained unemployment since WWII – over 8% for years.  The actual number of unemployed and under-employed is much higher.  Don’t count on the media to state the truth.  There are 500,000 fewer people are in the workforce now than when Obama took office.

Tax Increases coming:  January first 2013 will bring MASSIVE tax increases.  The Bush tax cuts of the past 11 years expire, payroll tax cuts expire, ObamaCare taxes start.  A recession is imminent if Republicans do no control all three branches of government in January.

Inflation:  Officially there is no inflation, however gas is double and food is up 20%.  Hiding the truth works for the uniformed-but not shoppers.

This list could be much longer.  Ask an Obama supporter exactly what is better now?

If you need more proof:

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