New columnist: Fly on the Wall

I hear all – see all

When buzzing in my ear is too great to ignore – I must report!

Heard around the Bloomington City Council:  Very afraid to be found guilty of Open Meetings Act Violation – still awaiting determination from State’s Attorney – but now running any events by the city lawyer to make sure members comply.  Novel idea council.

Heard around the County offices:  Somebody in big trouble, others looking for leadership.  No details yet – but soon.

Heard concerning elections:  One local candidate isn’t who he says he is.  Will Pantagraph report?

Lesson for the Pantagraph – Part 1

7 thoughts on “New columnist: Fly on the Wall

  1. Fuzzy made a snide comment about how nice it was that other city councils could meet in a group to discuss ideas and share information and not have to worry about having to comply with the Open Meeting Act. Poor Fuzzy,the law is law so get a grip pal.

    1. Big clue: make all the council members turn in their Smart Phones. Both Normal and Bloomington councils would grind to a halt without ability to text Official Business to each other–including DURING meetings!!! Shoot, go ahead and add the County Board to that too.

  2. Somebody in trouble? Well let’s see, that leaves a PLETHORA of possibilities doesn’t it? Okay, narrow it down, “Fly”—which building? Law and Just, or Gov Center? My money’s on Gov Center!

  3. Candidate that is not who he says he is…hmmm…is it false name identity or a lifestyle choice ? If it is the latter…come on the story up if the Pantagraph will not. Besides..most have already seen the pictures anyway 😉

  4. I guessing that a financial past in the red comes to haunt. Whatever it is, the facts will look like dirt but weren’t we once considered some of the richest farmland in the world? Time to let the dust fly!

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