Kathleen Lorenz proves again why she shouldn’t be on the Town Council

By: Diane Benjamin

Every time you eat out in Normal the prices are higher now – the Town is collecting more Food and Beverage Taxes because of food inflation.

Every time you buy items in Normal the Town collects more Sales Taxes based on the inflation prices.

Every time you buy inflated gas the Town collects more Sales Tax – 2.5% on the Sales price. (+.08 per gallon MFT)

The Town has money – lots of it. The Town budget this year is $193,000,000

Kathleen Lorenz doesn’t want to give back a dime to taxpayers hurting in this economy. She refused to decrease the total tax levy by as little as $100,000. She also refused to decrease it by $200,000 after the Town spent almost $74,000 on a Rivian. Luxury for them, serfs get nothing.

Ditto Karyn Smith.

$100,000 if a .052% cut. $200,000 is a .104% cut. How much has inflation cost you? Lorenz, Smith, Koos, Harris, and McCarthy voted against you. They refused to even appear to care – because they don’t. They rule, you pay.

Stan Nord and Scott Preston were the only two who attempted to give people a little relief on property taxes. Chris Koos is for Unit 5 raising property taxes, he could have given a little back but obviously doesn’t care.

Kathleen Lorenz thinks changing what staff proposed as the tax levy will affect the bond rating. I wonder what the bond companies will think when they find out the Town has been operating illegally for decades Kathleen!

Of course Kathleen had to make a speech, she isn’t capable of pointed speech, she would rather lecture and think she gets points for length. Just hit play:

11 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz proves again why she shouldn’t be on the Town Council

  1. My apologies, but I won’t hit play because the sound of her voice is nauseating. Plus, I cannot stand the arrogance of an adult believing they can repeatedly lecture other adults. Who the heck does she think she is? Talk about an overinflated ego!

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    1. “Who does she think she is?” Let me attempt to answer. She assumes since she went to a Big Ten school and you didn’t (her assumption of everyone) she is automatically smarter than you, although her major had little to nothing remotely to do with real engineering. She is also from Naperville which she interprets as Chicago making her more worldly in her vast life experiences, although like most from there, never drove south of I-80. She only came to BN because of her husband’s job and the fact that her hometown became unlivable for normal people. After her husband retires and the kids are grown, she will move to Florida, Arizona or Turks and Cacos to be among the greT washed in mind and body. Her time in uneducated BN is only temporary. She is doing tge best she can to educate you and others like you ( again, her perception) that just doesn’t get how the world works. Be grateful she allows you to breathe her air.

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  2. Why the F would I donate money to the Republican party when they turn around and give it to people like Kathleen who are appalled at the thought of giving taxpayers relief? Kathleen Lorenz is the reason I stopped donating to the Republican party or going to their events!!!

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    1. Plus she endorsed Faye Freeman-Smith (a democrat) for the County Board District 3 in a mailer I received yesterday, which I promptly shredded in the paper shredder.

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  3. Normally the property tax levy is voted on in December even the last meeting of the year. This year however, they want you to think that taxes aren’t going up in Normal in order to pave the way for Unit 5’s referendum today. They are all in bed together and the only thing worse is listening to Kathy. I’m sorry this woman makes me vomit. I cut her off, Diane. I just can’t listen to this crap any more.

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  4. Interesting timing on this – I ran into Kathleen over the weekend while we were each out getting signatures for the town council race. She wanted to chat a little so we had a short conversation, maybe 3 minutes. In it she said she couldn’t stand ‘lies and misrepresentations’ (may not have the exact term she used for ‘almost lies’). Funny thing is, she wasn’t able to have a 3 minute conversation without she herself making lies and misrepresentations, and it made me think back and as best I can recall that’s been the norm rather than the exception.
    I know there are a number of good candidates looking to run for office in April – Please do whatever you can to help – sign petitions, gather signatures yourself, spread the word, put up signs, see what volunteer opportunities there are.


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