Quotes to Vote by

Sample ballots for McLean County: https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/1600/Ballots

Sample ballots for Bloomington: https://bloomingtonelectionsil.gov/november-8-2022-general-election/specimen-ballot/

4 thoughts on “Quotes to Vote by

  1. At last, the midterm preparation is over. This is much like colonoscopy preparation; unpleasant and full of liquid shit!! Now, the political class can crawl back under their cow chip to work on their power, influence and financial gain until the next election cycle when they will emerge to ask for votes and money. The political class could care less about the voter/taxpayer and as will be observed post-election, the ballot box still does not work. Useless drones and ineffective politicians will still be in office


        1. Stixk: In Illinois, your thought process is 100 percent correct. Since moving out of the BN and Illinois sewer, I still vote because occasionally, good does win. In case you haven’t checked today reports of voting malfeance is rampant in suburban Chicago, the primary source of Illinois’ problem. That said, Illinois Republicans are basically worthless. Just look at anyone named Brady or the local councils and boards. You are right to have the ‘ tude you have. It is based on history and reality.

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