McLean County Election Results

By: Diane Benjamin

The chart below was posted on the Cities 92.9 Facebook page.

Couple of notes:

  1. The Libertarian candidate got a lot of votes in the County Treasurer’s race. Good – that helps their ballot access in McLean County.
  2. Voters obviously didn’t vote for TWO County Board candidates. This election was the only time for the next 10 years you had a chance to vote for two because of redistricting. The County Board will get nothing done for the next 2 years because it will be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.
  3. I don’t mind that Krystle Able and Corey Beirne won, the County will get to see first hand the result of electing radical Democrats. The last time lots of Democrats were elected they wanted voting moved out of churches, then reality smacked them in the face. There aren’t other locations available for voting. It is sad Ross Webb lost, he would have been a great Board Member.
  4. A reader claimed Kathleen Lorenz endorsed Faye Freeman-Smith in a mailer. She lost. Kathleen? Kathleen? Is George Wendt going to reconsider the GOP Accountability Committee now?
  5. 70% of the country thinks we are going in the wrong direction, then they voted for the party driving the country over the cliff. Evidently there still isn’t enough pain to wake up most voters.

17 thoughts on “McLean County Election Results

      1. Well that is why Republicans can’t be trusted to lead. As you said they have no leadership.

        Why then would anyone vote for them?

        The republicans pick terrible candidates, take unpopular positions (abortion, ending Medicare and Medicare, and so on) and wonder why they lose.

        This was the worst midterm showing by a minority party since the Bush debacle on 2002.

        1. Thanks for believing the democrat lies. The Republicans did a terrible job exposing them. The country will be in the ditch soon, that makes 2024 an easy win for DeSantis – voters need to dump Trump’s antics.

          1. Great response and exactly what I expected

            By all means I hope the Republicans keep on doing exactly what they are and by all means keep nominating candidates who can’t win

    1. No surprise about Chicaganois

      Nationally – If you consider not getting shellacked a victory then yes, the democrats won the day.

      The true losers are the pollsters and the media that props them up every year.
      Go back in your holes and stay there.

  1. Stupid and/or crazy can’t be fixed.

    What it’s going to take is a complete collapse of the economy and society, which we are well on our way to achieving, to wake people up. But even then…

    Folks, keep prepping. You’re going to need it.

  2. Voting this school teacher, Corey into office is a joke. What a waste of space and air…but the Demorats showed up and put their worst possible into play. Back the Blue Central Illinois is stating they will object to any crap from Able. Another waste of air.

  3. Diane, I’m with you on DeSantis. Trump’s time has come and gone. Too much baggage.

    DeSantis took a big step forward last night with what appeared to me to be a campaign speech.

  4. What a stupid chart/graphic accompanying the blog. This is like the one case where traditional media provides much more facts and insight than this site.

    The fallacy of Slates, People1st, and others that have attempted this seems lost on the ‘oracle of Elsworth’.
    Just ask Richard Irvin and Jenn Carillo how these teams and slates fare come election time.

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