Earmarks for Bloomington and Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Congressional earmarks were brought back this year by the REPUBLICAN HOUSE.

WGLT did a story detailing how Rep Eric Sorensen is bringing home the deficit spending: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2023-07-19/b-n-project-grants-advance-in-u-s-house

Of course WGLT didn’t mention DC’s money printing is destroying the value of the dollar. Seen inflation? The rate of increase is slowing but it is still higher than pre-Biden. Of course interest rates are affecting construction, housing sales, and the interest the Feds pay on the national debt. Celebrate – earmarks add to the interest you get to pay so Congress can bring home the bacon.

Normal is getting $850,000 to fix the stormwater infrastructure in Uptown they didn’t do right when they invested around $100,000,000 in Uptown not that long ago. The corner by Watterson and the bus station is obviously low – I’ve seen it flood. Engineering didn’t realize water would collect there? Undersized pipes Normal?

Normal is also getting $850,000 to put Vernon Ave on a road diet. Obviously those “community discussions” were for show – Normal already knew they wanted to reduce lanes to slow traffic. Sorensen didn’t get a the earmark overnight in response to public demand.

Bloomington is getting $960,000 to continue mitigating the flooding caused by not separating waste and storm water pipes earlier. They had a Coliseum to build and the BCPA to refurbish instead.

Limited government would have meant local government only spends on essential services. Progressives would rather have fun with your money and build legacies to themselves. It isn’t that both Bloomington and Normal can’t fund these projects themselves. They don’t want to.

Enjoy paying the bills!

FYI Normal: The Library has plans ready to go for a new Library in Uptown 2.0. https://www.normalpl.org/planning

3 thoughts on “Earmarks for Bloomington and Normal

  1. Just finished reading story of McLean County Chamber event. These presumed leaders and politicos are clueless. When they finally realize that a truly diversified economy is the answer to everything no matter where you are then BN might actually have a chance to amount to something. Snicker reading about the big increase in population that’s likely an inaccurate estimate and another p.r. campaign that gains nothing. These fools are beyond content lying to themselves about reality. The insurance industry is dead locally and Rivian’s future is tentative at best. Let’s have a luncheon or breakfast and celebrate how smart we are.

    1. Insurance is shady and bad leadership for long time

      Yet Execs and Systems get huge pay and bonus after running it to the ground

      Consumers beware – a sad statement about our local leadership and goals and strategy

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