Unit 5 Parents: Click NO, No, No

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader sent this snip from questions parents are asked when registering their child.

There is NEVER a need for a school to talk to your child’s doctor! Answer NO. You are the parent – not the school.

One thought on “Unit 5 Parents: Click NO, No, No

  1. This info approval and EPIC medical operational integrations (most all local hospitals and med orgs conveniently use this crap now ) and are a violation but they deny it

    But they all conveniently revised the privacy policies and governances to be so generically reworded for anyone or organizations to intrude and integrate private data and info (dumb people run these operations and public schools and public services)

    Role based access mto anyone now – should have never happened

    Welcome to profiling and handing over your privacy to oblivion entities and shady people and employees and staff

    Data analysis and sharing at its worst

    Illinois leads the way – thank your Republicans and Democrats – they gave green light and said zero

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