UPDATE: Electric vehicles?


Hyundai will recall 82,000 electric cars globally to replace their batteries after 15 reports of fires involving the vehicles. Despite the relatively small number of cars involved, Hyundai’s recall is one of the most expensive in history, signaling how electric car defects could create hefty costs for automakers—at least in the near future.

By: Diane Benjamin

The video below is circulating on Parler, no sound needed:

YouTube has many other videos of electric vehicle batteries catching fire.

Elon Musk is making this claim: https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2020/12/elon-musk-says-evs-will-double-worlds-need-for-electricity/


An EV-dominated society likely means elevated energy prices and peak demand hours that could easily overtax national energy grids. Renewable energy sources may also prove insufficient in providing the kind of power necessary — potentially requiring countries to double down on plants reliant on coal, oil, and natural gas if nuclear facilities are not approved. Counter-productive takes like that are often downplayed, however, so industrial giants can continue proclaiming the technology as largely trouble-free.

In an interview with Berlin-based publisher Axel Springer, hosted by Germany’s Bild am Sonntag, Musk said sourcing the energy necessary to power EVs would become the biggest obstacle over the next two decades. It’s actually something experts have been considering for a while and Germany, in particular, has had to confront as its own massive push toward sustainable energy turned out to be, well, largely unsustainable.

Before you buy one check with your insurance company. They may have a clause that doesn’t cover battery fires. The cost to charge these vehicles will make electricity prices increase, even if you don’t have an EV.

The GREAT RESET is happening, search for it. It isn’t to save the planet.

Money isn’t pouring into Rivian because of demand.






25 thoughts on “UPDATE: Electric vehicles?

  1. I believe that the MAIN source of lithium (Spodumene) will run out BEFORE the world can get to the point where even 20% of the population is driving EV’s. Much the same problem that FUSION reactors have in that there is not enough BERYLLIUM worldwide to build even 5 of them. Beryllium is the element that is used in the MAIN containment vessel, and about the ONLY choice that will feasibly work..

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  2. Rivian’s business model makes ZERO sense. Z E R O. And its “founder” is some kid who has never run a business.
    Rivian’s sources of capital are eyebrow-raising to say the least.
    Local politicians are pushing to (what looks like) double the water supply to Rivian’s plant with ZERO explanation as to why — not even citing a request from Rivian for the water.
    Meanwhile, there are serious water problems elsewhere in Normal that need attention and public funds to fix them. Yet local politicians’ defiance to do the obvious borders on being hostile. Which should immediately spark suspicion.
    So… why does the Rivian plant need such an excess water supply…when the supply that exists now was perfectly fine to build Mitsubishi vehicles?

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    1. I’m not exactly sure but they have to supply coolant for the massive battery packs. I didn’t find the specifics on what they are using as coolant. Could be water based.


  3. So you’re using Parler as you source? Absolute nonsense. I have an electric car and my insurance is NOT charging me “extra”. My electric bill has not gone up significantly because I charge my car. Other things like your air conditioning and other appliances like your refrigerator draw more heavily on the electric grid than an electric car charging.

    You also leave out the fact that gas power cars catch fire all the time.

    “The propensity and severity of fires and explosions from lithium ion battery systems are anticipated to be somewhat comparable to or perhaps slightly less than those for gasoline or diesel vehicular fuels,” according to the results of an in-depth investigation into the relative fire risks of the two types of vehicles conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last fall.

    About 174,000 vehicle fires were reported in the United States in 2015, the most recent year for which statistics are available from the National Fire Protection Association. Virtually all of those fires involved gasoline powered cars.”

    And if a electric car batteries do catch fire it’s mostly because of an accident which has damaged the battery.

    As to our electrical grid, it DOES need up grading. Look to Texas where their inability to upgrade their grid caused suffering and death. How many billions will cost to do something Texas should have done at least 10 years ago? The failure of Texas’s grid wasn’t caused by renewables but by greed, and deregulation. The “free markets” you laud have overcharged people in Texas with 16,000 dollar electrical bill.

    What you have written is false and cherry picks issues about electric automobiles to fit your narrative. It’s obvious you can’t write a truthful article about electric cars.


  4. If people/companies/governments really do want alternative fuels, then fusion research needs to be vastly increased and heavily invested in. Once we have that, the rest of these alternative fuel sources are moot.


      1. Yep, and then there’s that other little fact that child labor is used to mine the stuff for their silly batteries, and yes I understand fully all of the factors involved with child labor in many developing and poorer countries.


  5. Wade: YOU go ahead and drive your EV car! Let me know how WELL it operates in the desert or in sub zero weather or even better yet in HUMID climates! MAIN cause of “Thermal Runaway” is a short in the system, which can take 24 hours to manifest itself-just enough time for you to park in your garage and burn your house down also.
    NEVER MIND that the BEST lithium ore on earth is only 2.4% lithium, so HOW MANY TONS of rock had to be mined to get the lithium in your batteries at that percentage?? Hope after you do the math you’re STILL a “happy greenie”..
    As for RIVIAN needing water, I’m thinking that Kathleen is going to develop the parking lot on the north end of the plant where MMMA USED to park cars, as RIVIAN will never fill that lot. Bottom line, don’t sell the old Ford yet!

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  6. This administration will cause huge future problems by shutting down conventional energy sources, before the new sources are in place and tested. Prepare for inflation!

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  7. “My electric bill has not gone up significantly because I charge my car.”

    You have an incredibly myopic world view. Not to mention a narcissism problem. What your smooth brain doesn’t realize is that yes, indeed, more electric vehicles being charged means more demand means higher costs. Basic economics here.

    “You also leave out the fact that gas power cars catch fire all the time.”

    “Gasoline powered cars sometimes catch fire too???!!!?!?!? Well, I’ll be a sumbitch. Ain’t that the damndest thing, ya’ll?” Thanks for telling us something we didn’t know. Did you also know water doesn’t put out all types of fires? The More You Know…(TM)

    “What you have written is false and cherry picks issues about electric automobiles to fit your narrative. It’s obvious you can’t write a truthful article about electric cars.”

    You are seriously one of the biggest dumbasses I’ve ever seen. Most of blog post you’re referring to is an exerpt from another article. Meaning she didn’t write it, you bumbling buffoon. Why don’t you go to thetruthaboutcars.com and tell the author of the article your stupid opinion? His name is Matt Posky, FYI, since I had to go look at it FOR YOU.

    Big oof on your part. Maybe stop posting, you’re running out of functioning brain cells.

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    1. “You are seriously one of the biggest dumbasses I’ve ever seen” “stupid opinion” “bumbling buffoon”

      “Not to mention a narcissism problem”

      Love the Ad hominem and just plain nasty personal attacks. And I bet anything that the editor will not allow me to defend myself against these attacks. I certainly did not deserve those attacks.

      Apparently I’m a “dumbass” for quoting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about gas powered catching fire. There are About 174,000 vehicle fires a year, all which are in gas fueled cars. The editor has made it a point that Electrical vehicles are inherently dangerous. That’s not back up with any facts other than her opinion.

      Then I somehow have a “narcissism problem”. Why because I drive an electric car? I guess.

      Then the point of this article is that we do not have the electrical grid to support EV’s. She quotes an article which is in turn quoting a German article interviewing Elon Musk. Musk does not say that we should stop producing electrical vehicles or that they are too dangerous to drive. The editor of this blog goes to great lengths to insinuate that Electric vehicles are dangerous with the scare tactic that Hyundai is recalling some of its Electric vehicles. She then proceeds to insist that we will never have the a “sustainable” electrical grid with all of the drain on the grid EV’s will have in the future. That again is not what Musk stated. Musk was in fact comfortable in thinking we would rise to the technological challenge to include more green technologies to support the future grid we’ll need.

      Perhaps if she knew that there are already a network of recharging stations across the country, she just might change her opinion:


      And: https://www.electrifyamerica.com/locate-charger/?search=bloomington%20illinois

      In fact many Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs have Electric charging stations in there parking lots

      Finally I bet no one on this comment board has driven a Electric car. It’s pretty apparent that’s true. From calling people “dumbass” and saying I have some sort of “narcissism problem”, which I have no idea what the heck that even means. You have people here who have never probably been in an Electric car spouting their opinions which are just that opinions. What true is that all major Automotive Manufactures will stop making gas powered vehicles by the year 2035. We will more than likely have the electrical grid to support those vehicles.


  8. Over a month ago Cadillac told their dealers Cadillac would be going to all EV. I forgot the year they planned on being all EV. Way before the rest of GM would go EV. Funny thing the CEO of GM was all on board when Trump was POTUS to challenge California’s regulations for gas vehicles and when Biden was elected she dropped that plan and moved to all EV. I thought Cadillac folded around 1992 when they made the last RWD Fleetwood Brougham. Some dealers said bye Cadillac.

    Guess I shouldn’t ashamed now to throw flash light batteries into the trash. What’s the disposal plan for EV car batteries? The same as wind turbine blades buried?

    I’m more concerned about the global threat of another China sourced pandemic. FYI it’s a known fact that China has been harvesting DNA chain info. Most likely for bio-warfare reasons to target who they want to remove. Not only that China has built how many new coal fired polluting power plants? So we’re being forced to bend over for EV’s and take it so China can pollute more? Hello, somethings wrong with this picture.

    Word has it China owns the electric grid in Australia. Maybe our new liberal leader has plans to let China do the same to power EV’s in the USA. Wouldn’t surprise me. So lets convert all those coal fired power plants to natural gas and drive up the cost of natural gas too. Idiots!

    One thing is for sure EMT’s, firemen, etc. all have to be trained for EV accidents. Pretty known chance you could be electrocuted. Unknown about the occupants.

    You’d think the liberal’s would be pushing more oil based fuel source to use it up faster. Somethings wrong here.

    I guess I like the idea of driving knowing if I need service someone can at least service it. Not so much true with electric.

    I won’t be buying electric anytime soon if ever!


  9. JT JR, Where do you think all that electricity comes from for all these EV cars?
    I don’t think you should be throwing that DUMB ASS slur around unless you looking in a mirror.


  10. “Where do you think all that electricity comes from for all these EV cars?”

    Your question makes no sense, because at no point did I ever make any assumptions or remarks about where the electricity came from. So what exactly is your point, dumbass?


  11. What about all the inverntors of “water” and or “hydrogen” cars? Early technology that was bought up by Big Oil and shelved so as to buy out the competition. Glow-bulll warming. Lol. It’s ALL a scam. All of it.


  12. “Love the Ad hominem and just plain nasty personal attacks.”

    I love them too. Aren’t they great. I mean, I call it like I see it. Can’t help it if the truth hurts. Oh, and yes, I’m a nasty person. I’m not here for you to like me. So effing what? I will lose no sleep over a stranger thinking that I’m a nasty person.

    “Apparently I’m a “dumbass” for quoting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…”

    No, you’re a dumbass because you have zero reading comprehension. Your stats mean nothing to my comment because my comment wasn’t regarding stats. I’m not explaining this to you again. I made my point quite well the first time. It’s not my fault your English word comprehension sucks.

    “somehow have a “narcissism problem”. Why because I drive an electric car?”

    “MYYYYY electric bill hasn’t went up since IIIIIII got an electric powered vehicle. You’re talking nonsense, because if it didn’t happen to MEEEEEE, it can’t POSSSIIBBBLY happen to anyone else.”

    Sound familiar, narcissist?

    “you have people here who have never probably been in an Electric car spouting their opinions which are just that opinions.’

    And what exactly are you doing right now? Not to mention, if she’s so wrong, who made you the arbiter of truth to come and correct us all for having an opinion different than yours? What makes you so effing righteous and moral that you think you should come here and lecture people and judge others for their opinion? (I already know I’m a judgemental ass, so don’t even try that as a “gotcha.”)

    Once again, narcissism at it’s finest. You’re SOOOO right. And Diane and the rest of us are SOOOO wrong. Get off your high horse. People like yourself crack me up. No self-awareness at all.

    Please regale us with more of your narcissism. I beg you.


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