For Tari Renner, the rest of you can enjoy

The Edgar County Watchdogs did a video in response to Tari’s tirade.

You can see it hear:

Watch the whole video, it just keeps getting better.

8 thoughts on “For Tari Renner, the rest of you can enjoy

  1. What I find so outrageous about all this is how Bloomington has created a Citizen Review board in the police department, we’ve got all kinds of people reacting to racism and issues with cops and now that we actually have something that needs to be investigated or gotten to the bottom of, it’s crickets from all these groups.

    1. Agreed 4-H. The board was designed for matters exactly like this. It’s proof that the board is a virtue-signaling, politically-motivated group.

  2. Nobody should be in office
    Without honesty, without self restrain,
    Without doing what’s best for the community
    Lies and scams
    Bringing those to serve,
    Only those who will agree
    Do not belong in office .
    Those who make rules
    But don’t follow them
    Those who condemn
    And those who won’t face facts
    Have no place in office.
    It’s sad to hear and see
    Such behaviors in public office.
    It would be so great to trust and have faith
    And confidence and believe in our
    Public servants.
    Not today.

  3. I think Terri Renner has the worst case of LBS ( little big man syndrome), I have ever seen. Thanks for all of your hard work Diane. I sincerely hope that the next mayor is more honest and truthful then the last one. Concerned citizen.

  4. We should be grateful that a narcissistic, carpetbagging drunk doesn’t have enough self-restraint or skill at lying to hide his criminality. Same with the communist from Ward 6, she can’t help but smirk while on camera and give herself away. Priceless.

  5. Oh that video was quite good. Tarry/Tari is such a dweeb and yes he has Little Man Syndrome in spades, plus Tari is far more traditionally a girls name so there may be that floating around in that brain as well. As to the lying, as well as saying someone ELSE is lying, that’s what leftists do, they are never questioned when they have a lapdog media be it in a small town or on a national level and they also say anything negative about them is “debunked” if they are confronted about it with absolutely NO investigation to prove that claim. People with any sense all know this.

  6. Heck , I remember back when Tari used to dot the letter ‘i in his name with a heart in his signature. Where has all the joy gone ? 😂

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