Since Mark Peterson, Connect is even worse

By: Diane Benjamin

When Connect transit was trying to decide where the downtown transfer station should be, they stated many riders use the bus to get to the Laws and Justice Center or the Library. The location they picked is the farthest from either. Buses could have dropped people where CII East is now, it’s close to both. Does picking the Pantagraph location mean buses will still be driving to the Law and Justice Center and the Library?

See this link for the recap of the 3 properties considered:

Pantagraph building is on PDF page 3. It claims some demolition will be required. It appears they will be keeping a building. Possible design drawings follow.

The minutes from the February 10th meeting aren’t available yet. Probably they will have little detail though.

2/23/2021 Packet:

Normal’s former City Manager has been running Connect Transit while they search for a new General Manager. Considering how Normal operated under his leadership the following shouldn’t be a surprise.

For January CT blasted right through the $1 million loss a month:

Since they aren’t collecting fares the loss isn’t do to decreased ridership fees.

Consulting contributed:

Ridership is dismal, year to date it is down 39.6%. The below is just January:

Evidently bad weather means fewer people riding the bus!

Cost for every rider for January was $8.95. See PDF page 11.

Cost of every Mobility rider was $76.77. See PDF page 12.

Yes, you read that right. Those small buses transported 3,906 people for the low cost of $76.77 each. Of course they had to socially distance, does this prove masks and circulating air don’t work?

The federal government continues to pour money into public transportation. See PDF pages 24-25.

Next see PDF page 26. Connect is ordering their first 4 electric buses.

Type: Proterra electric bus problems into your search engine.





4 thoughts on “Since Mark Peterson, Connect is even worse

  1. This is NOT to mention the health care and pensions of ALL the employees. Looks like it would be more COST EFFICIENT to put the CT riders in a cab! OR buy a few cars and drivers and drive them to the door. Even UBER would be cheaper. WHO’S the “economic genius” that keeps this white elephant going?

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