UPDATE: Normal Town Council Candidate Forum TOMORROW NIGHT

Only 5 of the candidates on the ballot bothered to show up. Those not attending were: Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Cummings, Donna Toney, and AJ Zimmerman.

If the GOP saved the video I don’t see it anywhere.

If you want to know who the elites don’t want to see elected:

These 3 with Marc Tiritilli as mayor would bring common sense back to the Normal Town Council.


Join us for a time to meet the candidates who wish to serve on the Normal Town Council and will be on the ballot April 6. This event is conducted via Zoom Webinar with a time for questions and answers. It will also be streamed on Facebook. This is the first in a series of forums we will conduct in the weeks ahead covering the different races in our county. Here is the link to join in https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87594295109

Maybe the incumbents can explain this one:

Stan Nord posted the pic below on his Nord For Normal Facebook page. It shows Normal is proposing running water lines on top of Bloomington’s on Rivian’s south side:

Current Trustee Kathleen Lorenz can’t help herself from commenting on Stan’s page:

Does Kathleen know of some development that will be sprung right before the election? North of Rivian Normal already has water lines, why is the proposed line on the south? (See the green lines)

Later Kathleen claims she is just assuming someone will want to locate there.

Since Kathleen and the incumbents don’t want to see Marc Tiritilli become the next mayor, maybe the citizens of Normal aren’t entitled to the truth about this $5 million project.

Maybe Kevin McCarthy, Scott Preston, and Chemberly Cummings can explain. (if they show up)





5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Normal Town Council Candidate Forum TOMORROW NIGHT

  1. Kathleen: YOUR comment is about as FAR-FETCHED as they get. WHAT is going in NORTH of Rivian? There is ALREADY an asphalt plant AND a grain elevator there!! You just going to move BOTH of them? And put in “Kathleens Kozy Kitty Korner”? And past that is a plumbing business, never mind the rail spur.
    And WHAT IF Bloomington has to dig up their pipe? can we just dig out yours also. This is about as DUMB a planning that you can get.. I digress, this is NOT planning, it’s asinine!

  2. There is method to this madness which most assuredly involves $$$.
    Something not right going on at/with Rivian.
    Not. Right.

  3. Something smells here. Why is no one in government providing an explanation for running these pipes? Koos and company under another NDA from Clark Kent?

  4. If Kathleen knows a business is coming that this water line is being built for then I have 2 questions.

    1.) This would be a $5M economic incentive paid for by local taxpayers. Why is this incentive not being open and transparently voted upon?

    2.) Who is lying? Lorenz claims to know a business is coming, yet the town manager is saying “there have been NO requests from a business for this extension.”

    This whole thing is just another example of why Normal has no credibility.

    1. I believe looking at where the proposed new water line ENDS should be the starting point for questions and investigation.
      It’s also (perhaps) coincidental and a bit strange that there has been inordinate law enforcement presence around Comlara Park this winter.
      Which is a few miles directly north of the Rivian plant as the crow flies.

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