Proving Tari WRONG

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari claimed in his rant that I would never live in Bloomington and I hate Bloomington. He’s right about never living in Bloomington (or Normal) because out in the country I am free. My taxes are much lower and I don’t have authoritarian bullies telling me how to live my life.

However Tari, find where I have ever said I hate Bloomington. You won’t. I hate what progressives have done to the City that would flourish if government got out of the way. Instead government thinks they are a solution to all problems. They are the problem!

Listen to this very short clip from Tari’s rant:

Question Tari: If Officer Squires resigned and there was no investigation into his actions as an officer, why did you mention the State’s Attorney?

Tari admitted there was an investigation and he knew about it. Why the State’s Attorney didn’t prosecute is probably the same reason the Coliseum cases never made it to trial and why Tari wasn’t prosecuted for charging Margo’s plane ticket on the City’s credit card.

Only little people face justice, government buries what makes them look bad.

Maybe if I post the Watchdogs story again Tari will actually read it, Squires should have been prosecuted:

One more for Tari. He mentioned Agenda 21 as a conspiracy theory. He must be out of the Democrat loop, that has been replaced by Agenda 2030. Educate yourself Tari:

6 thoughts on “Proving Tari WRONG

  1. Tari – the “truth” is that we all dislike the lies and wasteful spending!

    Diane – we all appreciate your work to share the truth of what Tari and friends are “hiding” from the tax payers

  2. Taris “progressive compass” is so out of declination that he’s lucky to find the door. One need NOT think very long to come up with a LONG list of his “anti popular” antics, but just in case you need a refresher..
    Midnight rantings
    Dancing without mask
    Captain America
    Attending gay parade when he was to be at mayors conference
    Margos ticket to Japan
    Fixing streets-WHEN TARI??
    P-card lunches
    leaving water on while going to Hawaii (classic!)
    current rant from Monday
    to be continued!

  3. Tari’s a city mouse, he has no idea how much nicer the country mice have it. That’s part of his problem with people like you Diane, and others who can quickly see what a total mess a leftist run city (like they REALLY want Bloomington to be) invariably eventually becomes.

  4. I’d still like to know the well kept secret about what actually happened when Renner embarrassed this City in public while in Japan at our expense Renner is running scared, and he knows ECW and you are right. His attempts at marginalizing ECW and BLN News are laughable. Both organizations produce the only real “journalism “ other than Cities 92.9 . The rest of the local media are the propaganda arm of local government. Renner is as dirty as they come. This incident with the police officer isn’t the first incident he’s covered up and It won’t be his last. But it will be his last here in Bloomington once he’s gone from City Hall.

  5. Good observation RONIN! I sometimes feel like I’m STILL in Boulder!! Kinda funny, as the people in Boulder think they have it made (and it’s just sickening-you can even smell it in the air) However I like what the “locals” from the area towns say about Boulder, which COULD apply to Bloomington or more so uptown (only on a smaller scale).
    “Ah yes, Boulder, 10 square miles surrounded by reality”…

    1. Thanks, and I totally understand that Boulder thing, I know a few people not far at ALL from Chicago and it’s like a totally different world, and they think the same of Chicago, and while a lot of the “north of 80” territory is pretty messed up there are many islands of sanity there too that have not yet been fully invaded by the leftist swarm. Have you noticed that they tend to swarm in almost and then soon establish the Hive? Bloomington has been targeted I think as a new “Mini Chicago” I have even seen Normal referred to as “A far southern suburb of Chicago” I kid you not.

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