Normal’s Professional Staff

By: Diane Benjamin

This would not be an issue if the Town of Normal wasn’t constantly claiming their “professional staff” does a wonderful job and is above criticism or questioning. Nobody is perfect, Normal needs to stop claiming they are.

I’m sure the below will be fixed soon, but this was what the link for Monday’s meeting packet said:

It is supposed to say Master.

It gets better. When you click that link it takes you to the agenda for the LAST meeting. I think the documentation is for Monday but without comparing page for page I don’t know if it’s complete.

I downloaded what is there this morning since it will be fixed when they see this story.

See the packet posted this morning here, the file name also leaves out the “s”:

Normal need to quit claiming the “professional staff” are above reproach. Nobody is and it’s condescending to the citizens paying the bills to be told over and over they are.

Citizens can accept “public servants” make mistakes, they can’t accept being told those “public servants” are perfect.

Stay tuned – more to come






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