Normal’s estimators are Professional Staff?

By: Diane Benjamin

This was on Normal’s agenda on 2/17/2020:

This was on Normal’s agenda on 1/9/21:

This is on the agenda for Monday:

In about a year the cost of repairing this bridge almost tripled!

According to the documentation, this bid is 16.1% higher than the engineers estimate. The engineer was Farnsworth Group.

Also on the agenda is this:

The documentation has a LONG list of roads they want to resurface. For $1,730,000 you will lucky to see 2 get done.

Must be an election year.

4 thoughts on “Normal’s estimators are Professional Staff?

  1. The sad thing is the Estimators company normally gets a fee of 15% of the bid price. So, the Farnsworth group may have received nearly $150,000.00 for preparing the plans and estimate and missing the low bid cost by 16%. Time to find a different consulting engineer?

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  2. Farnsworth has been gettin paid handsomely by the town. They got $1.5M to design W College Ave. Are the required engineer for Trail East and New bike trails plus most other town projects. No wonder they speak at public comment in favor of the projects Koos wants.

    They are making BANK!!!

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  3. Saying and citing “Professional Staff” is just a political tactic to move the spotlight and accountability off of Koos, Reece, and the rubber stamp council and onto some vague, non-individual group that is never fully identified and can thus never be held accountable by the citizenry.

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