Normal’s estimators are Professional Staff?

By: Diane Benjamin This was on Normal’s agenda on 2/17/2020: This was on Normal’s agenda on 1/9/21: This is on the agenda for Monday: In about a year the cost of repairing this bridge almost tripled! According to the documentation, this bid is 16.1% higher than the engineers estimate. The engineer was […]

Conflict of Interest?

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Amelia Buragus didn’t think she had a conflict of interest with votes to spend taxpayer money to redevelop downtown Bloomington, even though her dad owns property very close to the properties proposed. Michael Buragas, Amelia’s husband, works for Farnsworth Group, a frequent receiver of taxpayer funds: Is it a conflict of interest to […]

How much Bloomington taxpayer money has Farnsworth received?

by:  Diane Benjamin Obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, paid to Farnsworth Group: 5/1/12 – 4/30/13   $126,292 5-1-13 – to present  $79,081 add the contract approved 11/25/13 of $74,670 for another study and the total so far this year is $153,751 Last night the City Council approved yet another study (not to Farnsworth) […]