How much Bloomington taxpayer money has Farnsworth received?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, paid to Farnsworth Group:

5/1/12 – 4/30/13   $126,292

5-1-13 – to present  $79,081

add the contract approved 11/25/13 of $74,670 for another study and the total so far this year is $153,751

Last night the City Council approved yet another study (not to Farnsworth) – for a hotel in downtown Bloomington.  It was only $30,000, but let me tell you what it will say:  There is a huge need for a hotel in Downtown Bloomington, and it won’t cost the City a cent.  The same things were said about the Coliseum before it was built.  Soon Bloomington taxpayers can be a partner in a hotel, just like Normal.  I think Renner has a man-crush on Koos. Anything Koos has, Renner wants too.

The City has an Engineering Department.  According to the Trial Balance for year ended 4/30/13, this Department cost the City over $2,200,000, the $126,292 might be included as an expense.  Evidently, the City Engineers aren’t qualified or are too busy for City projects, so Farnsworth gets the business.








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