Plan to Restore America, it will drive the elitists nuts!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Calling a Constitutional Convention of the states is already being attacked by both the right and the left.  Congress has a 9% approval rating, the President’s approval rating is sinking, and 67% of the population think we are on the wrong track (Rasmussen poll:

The country is more than $17,000,000,000,000 in debt, the EPA is strangling the country with regulations, and the IRS is being used as a weapon against critics of the current administration.  The media isn’t acting as watchdogs, but more like lap-dogs.  The people have elected new representatives, but most have forsaken their Oath of Office to Preserve, Protect, and defend the Constitution.  So what’s next?

The Founder’s provided a non-violent way for the PEOPLE to take their government back – Article V.  This is not radical.  It is a procedure given to us because every form of government has failed when the leaders became corrupt.  Article V allows the governed to control government.  An initial meeting of states was held last weekend.  Read the report here:

I’ve already seen comments from the left that this is an assault on Democracy.  Democracy is mob rule, and that’s what we have now. The United States is a Republic where the rights of the minority are protected and law is based in the Constitution.  Get the facts because lies about calling a Convention are going to be thrown out by people trying to keep their power.

This link has a lot of information for citizens and legislators.  Get informed and ready to defend your country!  COS_Handbook






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  1. I really want to see any of the pols in DC try to stop this. If they do the American ppl may finally awaken fully to realize that its time to stop the madness!

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