Bloomington: What you get for $74,670

by: Diane Benjamin

At the November 25th City Council Meeting, the rubber stamp 7 approved a contract with Farnsworth Group to complete a Downtown Street Lighting master plan.  I obtained the contract under the Freedom of Information Act.  Remember, this is just a study, no actual work.

Here’s what taxpayers are getting:

fw12Here is how the costs breaks down:

fw22How much is the implementation going to cost?  That hasn’t been discussed!  Mayor Renner and the rubber stamp gang think downtown is Bloomington’s future.  Before you know it, Bloomington taxpayers can be just like Normal’s. (buried in debt)

See the entire contract here: 1. contract





4 thoughts on “Bloomington: What you get for $74,670

  1. To Rubber Stamp 7,� $74,670 suppose to be spent on� ? surely the Bloomington City �engineers could done the study,at a far cheaper price!!Start thinking of Bloomington Taxpayer’s when throwing money around !! Bill Dodson

    1. I agree with baps1304. What exactly do all of the city employees do ? It seems every action requires an outside consultant to do the work ! What are we paying these employees for ?

  2. Time to find out who really runs this Farnsworth group, and who in the city council the group really runs.

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