Are hazardous chemicals affecting Sugar Creek?

By: Diane Benjamin Normal’s maintenance of Sugar Creek has been an issue for years. Bloomington mows along the creek and spot sprays really obnoxious weeds: Normal used to mow, then they decided to create a habitat. This is what it did look like, neighbors reported increased mosquitoes, rats, skunk, and snakes in their backyards. The […]

Normal’s estimators are Professional Staff?

By: Diane Benjamin This was on Normal’s agenda on 2/17/2020: This was on Normal’s agenda on 1/9/21: This is on the agenda for Monday: In about a year the cost of repairing this bridge almost tripled! According to the documentation, this bid is 16.1% higher than the engineers estimate. The engineer was […]

Normal last night – Part 1

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town held a Liquor Commission meeting that went way over time allotted.  The regular meeting started 1/2 hour late. 35:40 – one public comment by Ron Ulmer.  His comments were on recycling and contract employees being required to wear masks 38:00 Pam Reece reviewed some items on the Omnibus Agenda. Stan […]