$39,000 for .188 acres

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m not going to comment on the financial statements and TIF reports last night until I can SEE the documents!

PDF page 80:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3396

Buying this tiny property was on the agenda last night.  Stan Nord was the only NO vote.

There was no appraisal done.  According to PDF page 92, the following PIN numbers were involved:

pins 39000

The County shows this property in the Uptown TIF.

Here’s where it gets funny – the Town of Normal sold 14-27-353-003 in 2003:

Sold by Town

William Ohlendorf put the property in a Land Trust sometime after buying it.

Anybody find it interesting now the Town needs it back?

The County Assessor shows the Town of Normal already owned 14-27-353-020:


The County shows 14-27-353-001 is owned by somebody else:



3 thoughts on “$39,000 for .188 acres

  1. Very odd. At the very least, they violate their fiduciary responsibility to the tax paying citizens of Normal when they throw out money around as though it’s their own. Sure explains a few things though.


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