See the smoke East of Bloomington yesterday?

By: Diane Benjamin

The fire was on CRP land – Conservation Reserve Program. The Federal government pays farmers not to plant crops, supposedly on environmentally sensitive land. The land the fire was on looks just like every other field except for no crops other than what I call weeds. This land has been CRP for decades.

CRP program details:

The smoke was easily visible for miles. It was thick and black for most of the afternoon. The field is north of Route 9 just west of Saybrook. Controlled burns usually happen in the spring, not when harvest is getting close on adjacent land.

Another view:

Closer appears to show the field isn’t on fire, it looks like one spot with blue smoke at the source. One pic was taken from the north side the other is from the south side. The dark area isn’t burned, it’s mowed.

There were no fire trucks present more than an hour after the smoke appeared, just observers in work trucks. I’ve heard rumors about this fire but nothing I can report. If you know anything please let me know.

Meanwhile, traveling in the turbine fields gave me the opportunity for more “leaking pics”. Enjoy your subsidized Green Energy that leak oil!

6 thoughts on “See the smoke East of Bloomington yesterday?

  1. Ouch. CRP averages about $200 an acre depending on what the landowner puts on the land, ie prairie grasses, trees, wetlands, etc.

    Contaminating it with burnt oil, hydraulic fluid, plastics, other unknown substances from the damaged windmill are probably going to be a litigious nightmare for the landowner, when it comes to cleanup. Will it be the manufacturer of the windmill, the landowner, the power company, or insurance companies? In the end it will once again be the consumer paying the bill to clean up and replace the unnecessary costs associated with a windmill maintained by a third party contracted outsourced maintenance firm that has no incentive or oversight. Nor does the bureaucrat that selects the contract for the cheapest made wind turbine at exorbitant prices due to fake demand.

    Once again the taxpaying consumer foots the bill through higher energy costs AND subsidies to power companies to invest in “green” energy. Green being a ridiculous term as a lot more black gold is used in the construction of one turbine then it could ever produce in multiple lifespans of its energy production.

  2. Look at those toxic fumes being spewed into the atmosphere in the name of green energy and climate change.

  3. Diane….or anyone…..How many years have these specific “leaking monstrosities” been in ‘operation’??? Just curious.

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