Unit 5 pushing pronouns

By: Diane Benjamin

Ask your Unit 5 students if they had to DECLARE their pronouns.

At least some Unit 5 high school teachers mandated it.

Imagine being 14 or 15 and tip toeing around the other kids so you don’t accidently refer to a female as “she”when she wants to be called “they” or “them”. In English that would get an F for wrong pronoun use, in school it’s applauded.

Instead of teaching feelings are subject to change and when you know more your feelings will shift, your kids are taught how they feel is all that matters. Making other people uncomfortable by spouting propaganda is immaterial. Adults who live by “how they feel” are miserable because they have no solid basis in reality.

Your kids can’t read, write, and do math because schools are now activist training camps. Only new leftist created language is required, except when your kids get in the real world and their boss hurts their pronouns feelings.

Let me know what your kids report. Maybe District 87 parents should ask too. The job of schools is to educate, they are failing your kids on purpose.

8 thoughts on “Unit 5 pushing pronouns

  1. Thus the Pied Piper’s march to Woke begins in the lives of our children at Unit 5.
    Step One – establish group (collective) identities.

    Unit 5 will progress by taking what they call “next steps”. These will start out simple and innocuously and then eventually outraged parents will wonder what the heck happened to their kid!

  2. When will the parents in Unit 5, fathers and mothers, stand up for their children? When? People who have full knowledge of the garbage are still sending their children to public school? Why? The children don’t actually learn how to read, write, spell, do math AND they are being brainwashed, indoctrinated, and damaged. What justification is there for this neglect and laziness? Unit 5’s objective is to Destroy Childhood Innocence, Destabilize Children, graduate functional illiterates, and turn your children into marxists. Why aren’t the school board meetings packed with parents? Why didn’t you get out and vote for 4 excellent school board candidates? When will you finally wake up?

  3. First, it starts with the pronouns. Next, they’ ll be telling us what type of adjectives we can and cannot use. Then, they’ll come for the verbs and the wokies will try to cancel tenses they don’t like. They going to tell us what conjunctions we can use, too?!?! Why cant they just stick to the basics like reading and writing!!!!!!!

      1. The Illinois State Board of Education is ready to role that out as soon as they can figure out how to keep kids gender declaration from the parents.

  4. Spot on, as usual Diane. We all know how these liberals work. Before we know it they’ll come up with the idea of pronouns that divide us by our gender, just to further their identity-driven agenda and pit us against each other even nore.

    1. I wish nore people were talking about the liberal takeover of the English language. It started with the semicolon. Commas and colons were created separate and meant to stay that way. Liberal elites started using the semicolon in the 60s (which hadnt really been a thing previously) to confuse people about the English lanaguage and convince us that a comma could be something that it can’t. And you know what, we let then get away with it. And now they’re coming for pronouns. It really is just a matter of time until they tell us that misplaced modifiers are right where they belong or direct objects are really indirect. It’s insanity!

  5. My kids, will NEVER HAVE pronouns,…… If they want too, well I hope they enjoy paying for college themselves, LOL !

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