Incompetent Controlled Burn?

By: Diane Benjamin

I drove back out to where the huge fire was yesterday. The pics below are from the south side of the property.

The turbines are across Route 9, there are none south of Route 9 in the this area.

If this was a controlled burn the intent wasn’t to burn off the weeds, most are still green. The pictures show only a strip in the middle of the field was burnt. That doesn’t explain the THICK BLACK and BLUE smoke shown in this story:

Anybody that should care actually care?

7 thoughts on “Incompetent Controlled Burn?

  1. Prolly just clearing an LZ for the black helicopters to ferry in UN troops to enforce the upcoming second wave of lockdowns.

    Nothing to see here.

  2. Wondering how much of a carbon footprint that fire made? The tin hats should be shouting about the pollution .

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