Not so Green

By:  Diane Benjamin

Know what that dark spot is?  Long time readers will:  OIL.

This turbine is east of the Leroy-Lexington blacktop just south of Route 9.  Usually they keep the ones along busy roads clean, the ones with less traffic going by are worse.

Even Green technology needs oil.  I wonder if AOC knows?

If you are sick of the Bloomington-Normal roads, drive out and see it.  The County actually takes care of their roads.


6 thoughts on “Not so Green

  1. I would NOT be surprised if they are not responsible for SOME of the supposed “climate change” either, as they mix up the air in large areas..

  2. There is very little if anything positive about them (these windmills) and I remember soooo well what a very astute and VERY well educated European told me many many years ago – ” First, you have to realize that Green, is actually Red’ in other a word used as a front for implementing various socialist and communistic policies and agendas. They discovered that they can rope in the sentimental environment loving people real easy if it’s sold as being for the good of the environment, even though it’s really not. But why consider all of those little details when the cause is being furthered?

  3. Its bad enough these eyesore’s are ruining the landscape & killing off the birds but now leaking OIL? If that runs down into the ground it could contaminate the water we drink.

  4. You wanna generate electricity with windmills….Go for it!, it kinda makes sense, in limited applications. But private investment, private risk, private gain. NO TAXPAYER MONEY for these boondoggles. Ditto for ethanol and electric cars.

    Ronin–“Green, is actually Red”–no truer words were ever spoken.

  5. I wish I could find the study that mentions how much oil and electricity it took for the manufacturing of such devices and how long it would have to run to pay for itself. It is really not cost effective.

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