Another Arena Loss

By:  Diane Benjamin

There are no shows posted on the event calendar for Grossinger Motors Arena until September.  Luke Combs is scheduled for the 27th.

The only other events are two shows of Trolls Live in November.

Tonight’s event was moved to the Castle Theatre.

This event was held in May – another loser:


Maybe VenuWorks is planning to keep losses under $350,000 a year by not having many shows.

7 thoughts on “Another Arena Loss

    1. I did some research on the Moline. It is quite a bit larger. I found it interesting that no local monies are used but does that mean state taxpayers are on the hook?.

      “The Illinois Quad City Civic Center Authority (ILQCCCA) is a municipal corporation created September 16, 1984, by the Illinois State Legislature and located at 1201 River Drive, Moline, Illinois.

      The ILQCCCA does business as the TaxSlayer Center and is a quasi-governmental authority. The TaxSlayer Center is proud to have operated without the need for local tax dollars since its opening in 1993. All annual operating revenues are reinvested in the facility to maintain a reputation as one of the top mid-size arenas in the United States.

      The Authority Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month at 12:30pm in the Administrative Offices of the TaxSlayer Center.

      Please note that meeting dates are subject to change in accordance with the notice provisions of the Open Meetings Act. Meeting notices/agendas are posted a minimum 48 hours prior to a meeting. Meeting minutes are not posted until they have been approved by ILQCCCA”


  1. Solutions:
    #1. Sell it
    #2. Tear it down
    #3. Mount a large elephant’s trunk with two large tusks on it & paint it white.
    #4. A motion at the Council meeting asking the mayor to lower his chair to the same level
    as everyone else’s chair. The mayor’s chair was never intended to be a throne.


  2. Well, it WILL cost less if they only have to keep it minimally heated and minimally air conditioned and can keep most of the lights off sort of like a vacant house… OMG, you just have to laugh – Maybe RJ will use it to launch the super magical wonder car/truck/SUV whatever they keep promising is coming – that should draw a couple dozen people at least so they have 2021 or is it 2023 or have they moved it up to 2025 to look forward to. Hmm I wonder how much RJ will charge them for that?


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