Questioning expenses in Normal has already saved money

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the $100 a month lease for the property at 305 S. Linden?  Remember Normal was going to pay $5000 to have internet installed?  Normal would be forced to pay property taxes on that property too, the rent likely would not have covered both the taxes and internet.  (See original story:

This lease was pulled from the agenda before the meeting when people noticed.  It was on the Omnibus Vote Agenda and would have sailed through the Council if Stan Nord and Karyn Smith hadn’t been elected.  Nord insisted last Monday night that all future leases at least break even.

This property tax payment was approved Monday night:

1404 Ft Jesse

The property PIN number is 14-22-476-016.  The property is a vacant lot, the property taxes are for an entire year, not just the first installment.

The property should have been listed as exempt since the Town owns it and it is not being leased.  Below is the history, Normal sold it and then bought it back:

vacant land

I hope Pam Reece stopped the check before it was cashed.

For 2017 the Town paid $5,133.26 in property taxes – taxable value $58,448

For 2016 the Town paid $5,002.44 in property taxes – taxable value $58,448

The net taxable value plummeted when Normal sold it in 2018 – $23,333

Is this another case of Normal trying to force development by selling a property way below the actual value?  The buyer decided not to develop, so the Town bought it back?

The money Normal paid in error in previous years won’t be returned.  It has been distributed to all the taxing bodies.

I think we need to keep a running total of taxpayer money saved because Normal now has two representatives willing to ask questions!  

I think Stan and Karyn can be credited with saving the $5,000 internet installation and $2,093.60 in property taxes and well as all future tax payments.

Let’s just call it $7000 so far.  Both Stan and Karyn took office in May.  Stay tuned for a running total and the aggravation expressed by the trustees who previously rubbber-stamped everything.

Elections do have consequences, for once a good one!



11 thoughts on “Questioning expenses in Normal has already saved money

  1. The property in question was sold to my son after being listed for sale for more than a year. His plans to develop the land and move his business was derailed when the cost to build was more than the appraised value. Won’t go into detail about city requirements the contract spelled out on the sale and building on the site but bottom line why would he build something at a loss. The city contract allowed him to sell the ground back to the city. He still lost quite a chunk of money.


  2. I hope Stan and Karyn know how much we appreciate their efforts. We really do. They are sticking their necks out and standing up for the tax paying citizens of Normal. Thank You!

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  3. Just be advised, there are Council members who roll their eyes, bury their heads and shake their heads and snicker during Council meetings when this stuff is brought up. The Council video doesn’t always pick that up. Chemberly Cunnings, whose currently campaigning to be a one term Council member, has gone as far as to call Stan Nord a “bean counter.” She and the others who are not new, must be held accountable for their failure to exercise oversight.

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    1. Move among these people for a while and it’s not long before they tell you what they really think about the taxpaying public that does not agree with them in lockstep. Some of their comments border on downright vile. They really believe your tax money is their own personal bank to be spent in the way they see fit. General citizens would be aghast with the amount of flippant remarks and disdain if you were sitting among them.


      1. The disdain and contempt the Normal council men and women have for citizens is obvious. Their tone and their words come through loud and clear. They hate us and we are all well aware of this. They think of our paychecks as, “money on the table,” and want to steal as much of it as they can. They pile tax upon tax, fee upon fee, and will never, ever stop in their efforts to take more of it. The tax paying citizens of Normal and Bloomington have a target on their backs and have only one recourse. VOTE THE JERKS OUT and VOTE IN MORE PEOPLE LIKE Stan Nord & Karyn Smith.

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