If you don’t know facts . . .



I’m ready to delete comments from those who don’t care about truth.

6 thoughts on “If you don’t know facts . . .

  1. The best response to lies is truth, not different lies that we like better. Or in this case, deceptions, not lies. The small percentage of CO2 isn’t really relevant – if you have chlorine gas at that same percentage, it would likely be fatal in about an hour.
    The problem is that the climate is extremely complex, and fear-mongers try to focus down to just one factor and ignore feedback loops, historical data, etc. Doomsday predictions have been consistently wrong for over half a century, and whenever they come out with a new one, they can never explain Why the old predictions are wrong and thus how the new ones are right. And then they turn out to be wrong Again.
    The only cure they cite is ‘give government more money and power’, nothing concrete. Medical practice has numbers all over the place, and that’s how you know they’re legit. Your heart rate should be between X and Y, You should be able to read this font size at that distance. I’m sure there are dozens of others. And any ‘fixes’ are specifically to get those numbers right. But climate alarmists can never tell you what is an acceptable temperature, an acceptable rate of change, an acceptable Anything,. That’s because the climate or temperature or environment are not the real issues, the amount of government control is.

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  2. Thanks Democrats for destroying all trust we have in our scientific and medical organizations. By poisoning them with your quest for power you’ve left us more vulnerable.


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