Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Will someone ask Bloomington why they had 904 employees in mid December?

Bloomington ended the year with 820 employees, still way over the previous numbers!

COUNTY taxpayers are forced to fund the Bloomington Election Commission while having no oversight! This is taxation without representation because BEC doesn’t answer to anyone.

Green Top has been around for at least 5 years. When do the quarterly tax rebates end?

Still spiking pensions?

Seriously? A guy nearing retirement needs executive training?

See the P-Card spending starting on PDF page 182. HR is spending a lot on advertising for employees, other HR advertising is included on the checks written list. How many employees does Bloomington need and who authorized them?

See all the P-Card spending, traveling is back to being a thing.

See the meeting packet here:

The police have been working under an expired contract since since April of 2020. Details of the new contract begin on PDF page 100.

Expect to hear adulation for all who participated in the negotiations – just like every other contract. Why was there no contract for close to 3 years? They better start negotiating a new contract now. This one expires next Fiscal year – it starts May 1st.



5 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

  1. Harvard Kennedy School shows the program Gleason will attend is on-campus learning. Pretty nice to get a month in Cambridge on the taxpayer’s dime.

  2. Why do we need offsite planning lunches at posh restaurants? Do they normally go there or just when taxpayers foot the bill?

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