Original Wind Farm agreement

By: Diane Benjamin

I FOIA’d the agreement from 2005 since the County website doesn’t have documents from back that far. Below is the agreement for the Wind Farm East of Bloomington.

My favorite part, besides the noise and blinking lights wouldn’t bother anyone in the area (ha ha ha):

Has anyone checked if that money is in escrow? $25,000 for each one won’t cover the cost. There is a massive amount of concrete underground.

The entire agreement:

3 thoughts on “Original Wind Farm agreement

  1. Diane, Are there any published data on the kW output per turbine in these wind farms. Translate the kW output per unit to dollars of revenue and you can better see your ROI per fan. If there is any. It might make people better understand the white elephants east of town.

    Donnie Shields

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  2. Do the individuals who were on the McLean County Board of Appeals still live in McLean County? Rudolph, Wheet, Kinsella, Finnegan, Kuritz and Hoffman? If so do they live by these ridiculous turbines?


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