Wind Energy Blades

By: Diane Benjamin

When we drove to Wisconsin last weekend no turbines were turning on I-39. On the way back a few on the west side of the interstate were turning. On our previous trip to Wisconsin none were turning coming or returning.

A couple nights ago somebody was working on a turbine east of me at night:

Too dark? Yes it is, I couldn’t tell what they were doing.

Today I found out. They are either fixing blades or replacing blades. Below isn’t the same turbine as above. Since the entire field east of Bloomington is aging, do they all need replaced?

Previously old blades were not recycled because they couldn’t be. It appears somebody is working on a way to recycle them, plenty of raw materials are already buried in landfills.

Note the tower with no blades:

At least the rest of them are turning today.

6 thoughts on “Wind Energy Blades

    1. Not quite accurate. If I remember correctly about 8 wind turbines were being dismantled next to a coal fired plant to expand the plant. I don’t think Germany is getting rid of wind power.


  1. This Tuesday (11/1/2022) I drove to Bloomington and back on I-74. HOLY COW!! As far as the eyes can see, these monstrosities ARE EVERYWHERE along the north side of I-74!! The ONLY natural things that hinder them being shoved in the corn/soybean fields all the way to the Indiana State Line are creeks, the Wabash River, and some towns!! I’ve travelled this Interstate to Bloomington a few times through the spring, summer and fall and each time I see MORE ADDED!! Looking to the north, hundreds (if not close to a few thousand) are just setting there, no blades turning! Waayyyy off in the distance, you can sometimes see some of the older ones, turning. In fields just north-west and east of the large Dekalb (I think) Plant close to the Interstate near Farmer’s City…they’re EVERYWHERE! Farmers owning these fields ARE going insane!!! Will they all be voting ‘green energy’ Democrat??!?

    And, along U.S. 24 in more north central Indiana, is the same thing and they also stretch…for miles!!

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    1. You have explained why we do not need government subsidized b.s.
      As you know – but sadly most do not in hellinoiz; the definition of “government subsidized” is TAXPAYERS

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