UPDATE: It’s Perfectly Normal REMOVED

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By: Diane Benjamin

I wrote this story back in 2013: https://blnnews.com/2013/09/27/the-common-core-approved-sex-ed-book-caution-graphic/

Sexualizing kids in Public Schools has been going on for a lot longer than I remembered!

That story has a link to an approved sex ed book for ages 10 and up. I’ve noticed that book being downloaded numerous times recently – 50 times just since November 1st.

It is graphic child porn in comic form

I have now deleted it. Ask your kids if they have been exposed to it.

I don’t know who has been downloading it. They no longer can.






9 thoughts on “UPDATE: It’s Perfectly Normal REMOVED

  1. So you removed it so no one else can read it? How dare you? Who appointed you become the
    pearl clutching censor master inquisitor? No one. I think I call and have them reinstate the
    link you had no right to remove. Banning books is fascism.


    1. Brandywine – If you think it’s OK for a public institution to force beliefs and ideology that I do not agree with on my kids, I should have a right to demand that you read and study a book of my choice.
      Is that OK with you?

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  2. I contacted both school districts about your illegal deletion. You must think people are stupid.
    The book is available as a e-book at Normal Public Library and downloadable and as a digital
    download at Bloomington Public Library. How exactly are you going to stop kids from reading
    that book when they can go to the local library and download it and read it? You are truly
    despicable. No one appointed you to delete anything.


  3. So let me understand this we are talking about children being able to look at pornographic material that is available on line or in book form but to try and keep it away from them we delete the material that is out there. By deleting we are calling those that delete fascist. from the dictionary “Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethic group, a contempt for democracy , an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader,and a strong demagogic approach.
    1920s:from Italian facismo,from fascio ‘bundle, political group’,from Latin fascis.”
    So trying to keep porn from a minor not an adult but a minor means that Diane is a fascist certainly not a mother trying to shield her children from the filth that is being made available to our children today , Diane I have to tell you you have a lot of company one including me a parent that also wants to protect my children. Could I be a fascist to my children??????


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      1. You wouldn’t know “porn” if it bit you in the butt. And yes, I contact both
        school districts of your shenanigans. Who the hell do you think you are?
        Bigotry and fearmongering seems to be your motive. Better get your meds checked. I bet anything you didn’t read the book, just looked at couple of
        drawings before condemning it, in other words you a prude

        It’s Perfectly Normal:
        “I had heard from other parents that I should be alarmed about this book because it is in the curriculum for our son who is in 5th grade.

        So I bought it and I read it. And it’s really good!

        It goes through all the things parents should be sharing with their kids but maybe aren’t having that open dialogue. What kinds of things?

        Sexual health.

        Bodies are different and here are some drawings of different people – old, young, fat, thin, tall short, abled, disabled, light, dark, man, woman.

        What happens to our bodies when we go through puberty.

        How babies are made.

        What it means when people do the thing that makes babies but don’t intend to make babies. And how to deal with that.

        Bullying is bad. Here’s how to choose to be kind.

        Technology – and this chapter surprised me – this wasn’t in the 2014 edition – it talks about things like the Internet, what it means to post things in social
        media, and that the Internet is forever so lets learn how not to do harmful
        things with the technology.

        Are there some graphic drawings? Mmm kind of. But it’s in the appropriate
        range of what you’d expect for a health book for children ages 10-12.

        So why all the controversy?
        I think this book is being used as a political argument. If you read it for yourself you’ll not find anything inappropriate.


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