Democrat Dave Koehler wants Amendment 1, see video

By: Diane Benjamin

On November 1st Dave Koehler spoke to the West Side Neighbors group. He spilled the beans on why Amendment 1 is on the ballot. It is to make sure Illinois can never be a Right To Work state. Public Sector unions in Illinois fund democrats, this amendment assures the union money never dries up.

If Amendment 1 passes and you are in a union you will be forced to pay union dues that the union can then donate to candidates and organizations you don’t agree with.

This amendment is in response to the Supreme Court Janus decision, see a summary of that decision here:

Janus allows employees to opt out of the union and therefore not pay dues.

It doesn’t matter if union salaries are higher when dues are deducted and the cost of living is higher because of union salaries. In Illinois the pension debt accumulated after the 1970 Constitution changes guaranteeing pensions can never be diminished is now burying us in debt. If you missed this story read it now:

Right To Work States are prospering, companies are leaving Illinois. This amendment gives unions even more rights to negotiate for things other than salaries and benefits. It has no effect on non-union jobs except you get the bills for the salaries and perks.

Don’t forget: Reforms to pensions aren’t on the ballot and never will be if Amendment 1 passes. Unions will forever run Illinois for their benefit. This vote is the most important one on the ballot. If it passes Illinois will never be able to prosper.

Some Republicans voted to put this amendment on the ballot – see the chart below. They need to explain why! NO Democrats voted against it. Koehler is running for re-election against Desi Anderson.

Vote NO

11 thoughts on “Democrat Dave Koehler wants Amendment 1, see video

  1. I belong to a union & am retired. This local “proudly” gave a Large sum of money to J.B. Pritzker & the Democrats 2 weeks ago!!  I told them I wanted no part of these donations because I DO NOT support the Democrats or J.B.!! Haven’t gotten a reply as yet.Ron 

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  2. The unions haven’t truly represented the rank and file for decades. It’s only a facade of the idealogy of dreams from yesterdays gone by. Unfortunately, follow the money applies and rules the game.

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  3. He said the amendment will force all workers in a company that has a union to pay union dues. If you are a union member and are unhappy with your union then it will be illegal for you to withhold your dues. Unions will have less of a reason to represent workers if this passes, it removes the worker’s ability to hold the union accountable.

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  4. It will be important for voters that pay taxes, to vote NO! This amendment will pass control to the unions, and will drive up taxes for everyone.

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  5. This guy is a jackass. Has been for years and now with the redistricting he’s all ours. This clown for a state senator and Scott Preston for a state representative. God help us.

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  6. They really do know what they doing. The Left/communists etc have used “Worker’s Rights” for over a century to rope in the ignorant and unsuspecting because who doesn’t want to help “the workers”? It was a lie from the beginning and that lie has only gotten bigger and worse over the many decades that has been used. As soon as I saw “Vote YES for Worker’s Rights” I knew the soft hearts and the unenlightened would be suckered in by it. I just hope enough people DO know what this travesty is really going to mean for most people. The Left counts on people being uninformed and they intend to keep as many that way as they can.

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    1. Like the Inflation Reduction Act… Who wouldn’t be for that, right? All this stuff advances because the sheeple rarely click past the teaser headline, and not enough people who actually pay attention bother to vote. The Leftists figured that out a long time ago and have successfully been using it to their advantage ever since.

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    2. Worker’s rights is what’s wrong with Illinois. We’ve done so many things in the name of “worker’s rights” that have led to sweetheart deals for government bureaucrats and politicians that are bankrupting our state. Look at our pension crisis. It’s the cumulative effect of years and years of decisions made in the name of “worker’s rights.” These people try to make you think that government employees have it so rough and we’ve got to take care of them. That’s bull. In Illinois poor people are paying through their taxes more into the pension accounts of wealthy government workers than they are able to put into their own pension accounts.

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