Unit 5 teachers gets free LQBTQ+ books

By: Diane Benjamin

Check your kids classroom library.

From the Unit 5 Education Association website: https://ufea.org/from-the-president-october-28/

Books available start at ages 0-5 and go through high school. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXbGxgNoFVpBj35JFUQr33PvLKHUo6VBs_nWX4f-iACJcTpQ/viewform

Kids are very impressionable. Is that the goal of Prairie Pride Coalition? Are some Unit 5 teachers replacing the values of parents with their own?

Bloomington probably was approached with the same offer – check classrooms!

I did find this quote on the Bloomington Education Association website: https://bea87.org/2022/08/18/welcome-back-2022/

What stories are being told?





What stories .





6 thoughts on “Unit 5 teachers gets free LQBTQ+ books

  1. Parents better open their eyes to what is happening to their children. The schools are more interested in indoctrination than they are with academic excellence. Homeschool or private school instead of public school.

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  2. The republicans should offer to give teachers and libraries the book “The Governor You Do Not Know-What every Illinoisan Should Know”. Since this book shines light poorly on JB Pritzker I bet it would be pulled from the libraries and banned from schools.

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  3. Unit 5 has decided to promote to school children what Christian, Muslim and many other families consider sinful. Don’t mistake that Christians struggle with their own sins too. Unit 5 is inconsiderate of these family’s strongly held beliefs. Unit 5 has also labeled Christians, and many others, a “dominant” culture and as such “unjustly rewarded” and “oppressive”.

    When and by who’s authority did this become their job?

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