Illinois SEX-ED book-caution GRAPHIC (corrected)

This book is NOT connected to Common Core, this is a result of a bill passed in Illinois to require sex-ed education.  HB2675

by:  Diane Benjamin

This text is approved for sex-ed classes, but it is not required.  Each school district can pick what they want to use.

This book is for ages 10 and up.  If you don’t want your children learning from this book, you need to find out what book they are using.

The law only covers grades six through twelve and the state is supposed to supply resource material on their website. This book was “leaked” to be one of the resources to be included.  There has been nothing posted on the Illinois State Board of Education website.  The bill is  HB2675.

Here is the LEAST offense page in the book:

sexedBefore you click on the link to the entire book, you might want the kids out of the room:

Its-Perfectly-Normal  (Access has been deleted)

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