Free is mostly worthless

By: Diane Benjamin

Think of anything you have ever received free. Advertising magnets? Pencils? Ink pens?

How much value did they have? Probably not much.

JB wants to give away college education

Who is going to pay these salaries? That would be every taxpayer in Illinois who already paid for their college education or never went to college.

Just the first page has about 50 salaries all over $150,000:

A free education is a worthless education. If everyone can get one for free there is nothing noteworthy about a graduation certificate. Will ISU still have entrance standards? Why would they reject State guaranteed money? Worthless degrees will be handed out like candy at a parade.

Now read the WGLT story about Pritzker, Durbin, Chung, and Koehler rallying at ISU yesterday.

I wonder what the kids with large loans thought about paying for the education of future ISU students if Pritzker wasn’t just pandering for votes?






2 thoughts on “Free is mostly worthless

  1. Voters should reject any Canidate campaigning with taxpayer dollars. I have a bribe check from Illinois, but I will only vote for conservatives. (sorry Scott Preston) We have poisoned the well; why would any good person want the dirt that is being dished out in todays political campaign.

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  2. Vickerman is in charge of Fund Raising, Alumnae development or whatever you want to call giving. Unfortunately the first $280,000 thousand given goes to his Salary before benefits. If he would take a salary of say $150,000 that would mean that another $130,000 would be available for university programs. A leader should lead by example. $150,000 is more than double the median family income of $66,000 in McLean ‘County. The largest financial problem in Illinois is not revenue, it is over paying public employees much more than us commoners and worse yet are their super expensive pensions. The largest share of new revenue in Illinois goes to pensions and they are still under funded.

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