“Green” Turbines!

These pics and video are from a reader – they are close to Colfax Il. Leaking oil must be the new green:

6 thoughts on ““Green” Turbines!

  1. I think this is the oldest wind farm in the area. About 18 years old. This may also be the first wind farm to be decommissioned in our area. Wonder what will remain?


  2. YEP! ALL this “Green energy” is REALLY going to help the planet. Kind of like EV cars, and I wonder WHICH part of the ocean floor they will mine for the polymetallic nodules they’ll need for battery elements??
    As for these “wind monstrosities” IF they were not so heavily funded by the government, there wouldn’t be a single one of them.

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  3. Just another “Super Fund” environmental cleanup waiting to happen!
    Gub’mint subsidizes the installation, gub’mint foots the bill to clean up the mess!
    Everyone involved pads their pockets, not a single consumer sees a dime of savings on their electric bill!

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