Rejecting socialists or supporting them?

By: Diane Benjamin

The local socialist are working hard to recruit new people. Voters rejected their candidates in the last local election, so now they are going after people of color. We have fought wars to free people from socialism which always leads to communism, so the question now is why would the Pantagraph do a story on their efforts:

I’m purposely not posting a link.

Just to prove the guy pictured doesn’t deserve coverage by the press because 1) socialism has never worked anywhere 2) His Afro/POC base is divisive and the opposite of judging people by their character

and 3)

He has no credibility! From his Facebook page:

Dismantle the fossil fuel industry? He must think wind can heat and cool his home and keep his electricity on. He is ignorant of the facts.

h/t a reader

Picture taken TODAY just north of Ellsworth:

That brown is fossil fuels.

Back to the original question:

Why did the press give him any credibility when he has none?

10 thoughts on “Rejecting socialists or supporting them?

  1. What happened to Not In Our Town! All we need is another thinly-veiled hate group in our city.

  2. Dare them to stop personally using ALL fossil fuels in their daily life! It’s a free country.

  3. The press gives him credibility because they have no credibility themselves. They will continue to ignore those that are credible.

  4. The head janitor at ISU is no different than the rest of the faux and fraudulent community leaders in BN. He and they get press because most local journalists in BN believe the same tripe. after the interview, they all meet up together at the local haunts to be seen to make believe they are important. BN has become a cruel joke due to out-of-town court jesters like this guy and others who have moved here and taken over. It is why BN is a now a progressive shit hole that is now no different than Peoria or Decatur with pothole filled streets, a dangerous downtown after dark and vacant buildings. No one in their right mind that can do anything about it wants to be there anymore because of loudmouthed stupid shits like Garcia and his compatriots. You can add the so-called conservatives to the list like the Dobski’s, Brady’s and most who make up the County Republicans. All phonies and frauds, just ones of different stripes. Real freedom awaits elsewhere for those willing to seek it.

    1. Very well said, that is exactly how it is. In fact I’ll add, that it’s the utter repulsiveness of most of these people that makes many decent people just not even want to be bothered with them at all, and thus, they lay low and just want to be left alone, many hoping they can someday just leave the area in search of real down to earth people. One thing I have learned so well in my life is – Rude, fake, “uppity” people love the company of other rude, fake, “uppity” people and the only people they want around are those just like them OR naive waifs that they can pull into their circle with flattery and build them up with false confidence and later on “tweaked” resumes to match. It’s more prevalent here on the “left”, but like you say, It’s also on the “Right” with the upper crust, wine drinkers and fancy little plate food lovers and the like who pretend to be the “opposition” to the left in this area (and many many others). The ones who basically throw the game and then come back with a “well we sure tried” story to placate the people who had actually thought they might actually DO something this time.

  5. First of all, there is no community news to be reported. Secondly, the author of the article is buddies with Garcia,

  6. OH, and what is it with these people and Ice Cream? Ice cream is just constant it’s like they are trying to appear to be like everyday normal people and they think liking ice cream and going out for it often is the key. I’ve been noticing it ever since the Obama reign.

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