5 More things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Tom DeVore is the bravest attorney in Illinois. He is the one that filed lawsuits against Pritzker’s illegal executive orders and won. Pritzker appealed and, since this is Illinois, the Supreme Court will hold out as long as possible before ruling.

School Districts who claim they will lose funding if they don’t require masks are lying – according to Tom. He posted this on Facebook:


Chris Koos has no problem violating Town Code. The Council voted themselves raises in December of 2018. They took effect May 1st of this year since sitting members can’t vote for their own raises.

Pretending to be magnanimous, Koos announced last year he wouldn’t take the salary increase he pushed for. In 2009 his salary was increased from $10,000 to $18,000. The latest raise took it to $32,000. Details in this story: https://blnnews.com/2018/12/14/koos-and-council-get-raises/

Town Code: https://normal.org/DocumentCenter/View/7696/Chapter-02—Officers-Elected-and-Appointed?bidId=

Chris Koos check stub obtained by FOIA:

Koos didn’t take the raise – 692.30 x 26 checks a year = $17,999.80

If the Code isn’t changed back to $18,000, when Koos leaves office he can demand to be paid per code. The Town auditor could find this and force the Town to pay him. The Town attorney is evidently asleep.

Remember when Trump said he wouldn’t take a salary? He wasn’t allowed to do that so he donated it all to charity.

Municipal code only applies when Koos and company want it to. Since the Town doesn’t include payroll in the bills like Bloomington does, Koos could get a lump sum in the future and we would never know. Meanwhile, he can pretend he’s doing taxpayers a favor.


I’m disgusted with the citizens of Normal who had sewage in their basements and those in other parts of the City with major flooding who didn’t bother to comment at the last Council meeting. They must be scared of Koos. I hear one of the Uptown hotels had lots of water in the lobby. Instead of maintaining existing infrastructure and providing adequate services citizens pay for, the Council is all in for Rivian. Citizens get what they demand. You must love sewage in your homes.


Socialist Sonny Garcia is just the latest local taking orders from Chicago. See this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/07/09/rejecting-socialists-or-supporting-them/

He didn’t come up with the Afrosocialist name himself:

Jenn Carillo failed miserably at getting the people elected in Bloomington Chicago wants – socialists. Chicago socialists have passed the baton to Garcia:

Just so I have a safe place to keep this, Garcia posted the names of other socialists.

This list might come in handy in the future:


A comment here stated AP courses aren’t being offered at local high schools. I FOIA’d both Unit 5 and District 87.

This is the list Unit 5 claims are offered:

District 87:

The next question is: What is being taught in these classes? 1619 Project?

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  1. I Normal laws and rules are immaterial. Reece does whatever she wants without fear of the council holding her accountable.. I agree the strategy with Koos’ paycheck is to give Koos a big payout when he hands his crown over to McCarthy.

  2. What if the 1619 Project is being taught? Are you so afraid of this country’s history that you want it censored? This country’s history isn’t all rainbows and beams of light. There was slavery and racism and dark episodes that need to be taught. Apparently you want to keep the truth from students. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. If we want a educated citizens they need the truth, not the candy coated pablum you want to pass off as “history”.

      1. Vast changes like white people in Alabama stealing African American lands? Vast changes like schools who had to be forcibly integrated after being segregated for years. Or perhaps the fact that the GI Bill only was for white GI’s? Or the fact that many African Americans still have trouble buying houses. None of that happened hundreds of years ago, most of it is recent racism.

        Nikole Hannah-Jone did not “make it up” the 1619 Project. Perhaps since you haven’t read the 1619 Project you really don’t know what you’re talking about as to systemic racism. It’s very apparent you get your ideas from OAN and Glenn Beck along with various Fox personalities.

    1. teo, all your speaking points have been taught; i can attest to that myself. what do you think has been hidden? is your goal to convince kids now that they should feel guilty for something they had nothing do do with? what is the end game? more preferential treatment? more free stuff? really, what is it?

    2. Teo, we’re you not paying attention in history class? The dark and ugly parts of American history are taught to students. Pushing to rewrite history to fit a fringe narrative you subscribe to is wrong on so many levels. If you learned anything in history class you’d know many regimes in the 20th century with the worst human rights records did exactly what you’re pushing for. Don’t be a simpleton. Learn to think for yourself and research things. Don’t blindly buy into whatever nonsense is fashionable amongst the pretentious tool bag crowd currently.

  3. Is it me or is “she who shall not be named” not on the list? I mean I thought she would still be on the. list of the lost. I’m surprised Marty is on that list..she is smart and as long as I’ve know her a decent person. If that is the Andre Hursey that went to Irving in the early 80’s I’m not surprised at all, his mother is one of the most racist people I have ever met. She Cannot even stand to look at white people.

      1. Students taking an AP class aren’t required to take the official AP test. They only do so if they want college credit for it. It’s a pricey test. However, they are graded as they would be with a normal class, but Im not sure if that is reported to the College Board. It would show on their high school transcript, though.

  4. Unit 5 has an associates degree program partnership with HCC. Through a combination of AP, dual credit, and classes at HCC eligible students will finish high school with an associates degree in computer science. This does involve summer classes at HCC and isn’t easy. This started 4 years ago at Normal West and now includes Normal Community. The first class stated with 17 and just graduated 7. One of the few reasons we stuck with unit 5. So as far as I know unit 5 has not cut any AP classes.

  5. It is my understanding that district 87 is considering eliminating a student’s opportunity to take Algebra in 7th grade. All 6th grade students will be reset to basic math coursework with no opportunity for advanced standing in the 7th and 8th grades. What this does is put them behind in high school for Calculus courses. While the AP classes do exist they cannot put a student ahead in the curriculum. I’m not sure where 87 ended up with this decision and I understand Unit 5 is considering following suit.

  6. GEE! And here I thought that Roger Waters was RIGHT ON when he said Zuckerberg was the richest idiot in the world.
    I guess that Koos is the MOST overpaid idiot in the world. After of course, Reese.
    Just pick ANY of the “uppity” folks and they get WAYYYYY too much for their intelligence/service level–EXCEPT for Stan!
    Uptown MUST like “smarty smart” folks!

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