School District FOIA-2700 emails in 6 months?

By: Diane Benjamin

I am redacting the name of the school district, FOIA’s are not done being filed. I can tell you this isn’t a big district.

You will find out what those “2700 emails” in 6 months say. Parents should FOIA their school district.

5 thoughts on “School District FOIA-2700 emails in 6 months?

  1. The introduction of BLM activism must have caused a LOT of negative issues in the school district.
    But it won’t be anything compared to when they begin teaching intersectionality, equitable discipline, power structures, oppressors and the oppressed, lived experience correctness, whiteness and all the other things that inform students who is good and who is bad.
    Goofballs are sitting on a tinder box playing with matches.

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  2. So narrow it down and see what you find. You know you can file another FOIA later. I am sure you are already doing this. If you haven’t already filed it any thoughts on how you might want to narrow it down? Any and all documents related to BLM that they Superintendent was aware of including but not limited to emails letters and texts to and from the superintendent and attachments to any and all such documents?

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      1. Diane,
        Let us know if you need any help sorting through things. I’m sure the good citizens and especially concerned parents would like to help with getting to the boy of many things going on in our schools.

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