Unmask the kids-McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Board Health Committee met yesterday. One mother gave Public Comment. Julie Bakewell presented the Resolution below to Committee Chair Susan Schafer. The Resolution is a revised version of one another Illinois County has already passed.

Julie spells out why Pritzker’s Executive Orders are meaningless and IDPH and ISBE have no power to force masking children.

Making a difference by standing for what’s right terrifies the local Republicans or they would already have made McLean County a gun (2A) sanctuary like many other downstate counties have. The entire Board will not pass this resolution unless many parents demand it. Listen to the comment below, then contact your Board members – you have two. Find them here: https://mcleancountyil.gov/Directory.aspx?DID=11

It is child abuse to force children to wear a mask, it raises the carbon dioxide in their blood to dangerous levels. Kids don’t die from COVID, the adults can be vaccinated. Forcing kids to wear masks means you don’t believe vaccinations work, so you want children abused for your benefit. The “science” proves masks are dangerous. Does science matter?

Are the Republicans going to wimp out again and refuse to vote on the Resolution below?

I predict: YES.

Only you can change that!

19 thoughts on “Unmask the kids-McLean County

  1. Wolf in sheep’s clothing = Democrat wearing Republican label

    Can’t rely on people labeled as Republican’s to pass this. Too many of them are RINOs. It is sad to watch the GOP endorse the re-elections of RINOs instead of working to replace them with actual Republicans.

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  2. If masks are mandated for school children for Covid they MUST also be mandated every year for the flu because it kills more children. If this is the level of risk tolerance we are going to adopt, MANY other child safety mandates need to be made by our governor.

    If the reason for masking children is to protect unprotected adults then its time those adults take responsibility for their own decisions and let children be.

    If you are a teacher who is afraid of their students you need to find another job. It would be good for them and will be good for you.

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  3. If it is not the county boards job, the the County Heath Department has no standing, no power, and it’s opinion and standards/ mandates are not binding legally.


  4. The local GOP’s lack of balls and a spine is why I pretty much ignore their emails pleading for volunteerism and $.

    Good on Julie. She’s not exactly a hard-core conservative, either. Or at least that’s the impression I got in my interactions with her. Nice woman though.


  5. Easy solution: adults, get the damn vaccine! All of you. If you do, all of you, we have herd immunity. Stop listening to the talking heads on Fox News, all of whom have been vaccinated.


    1. Bnindy
      I watch Fox and no one there recommends that adults not get the shot. None. There are people there that are against forcing or coercing adults and/or children to get the shot against their will, which by the way coincides with common medical ethics.

      However, freedom, liberty and “my body, my choice” aren’t worth the paper they are written on according to the left when it comes to the vaccine.


  6. Yes, even those who’ve had it. If one has had it, their immunity is.onky for a few months.
    Kids make up 20% of the population. If all adults are vaccinated, we have herd immunity.


  7. I hadn’t heard that. The last I read from the CDC was wait 90 days after having it before getting vaccinated.


  8. It is hypocritical for the left to be pro-choice on abortion and no-choice on vaccinations. They say is it our body and our choice to do with it as we wish. But what is really happening is Democrats are arbitrarily deciding what we can and cannot do with our body.

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    1. Nina, yes hypocrite is the neo-socialists (democrats) middle name.
      But you can do anything you want when you have a reality spinning press to back up every idiotic move you make.

      If its embarrassing its censored.
      If it fits their narrative they all begin talking in unison like the hive minded Borg in Star Trek until everyone is assimilated.

      There is NO comparison between the number of human deaths from Covid and those from abortions.

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